007 No Time to Die A film that doesn’t lose 928 million dollars.

“007 No Time to Die” A film that doesn’t lose 928 million dollars.

“007 No Time to Die” is considered one of the most popular movies hit by coronavirus 19.

It was originally scheduled to be released in November last year, but was not limited to Daniel Craig’s last 007 film.

It was pushed back to April 2, 2021 and is now scheduled to be released on October 6. As the release is delayed, the loss is snowballing.

According to the British newspaper The Express on the 9th (local time), the film adds to the delay in production and the cost of interest due to delayed release.

It is reported that there will be no loss if it earns $928 million worldwide. It has become the most expensive movie of all time.

However, a global $900 million mark is almost impossible under the coronavirus situation.

The previous release of “Fast and Furious: The Ultimate” earned $662.21 million worldwide.

The Marvel Hero movie “Black Widow,” which is currently being released, was only $359.68 million.

In addition, some speculate that the release will be postponed until next year.

As the coronavirus hit the world, the number of visitors to the theater decreased significantly.

Attention is focusing on whether “007 No Time to Die” will overcome all kinds of negative factors and surpass $900 million.

“007 No Time to Die” drew attention by completing a lineup of ultra-luxury castings including Daniel Craig, Ramie Malek, Lashana Lynch, Leah Seidu, Ben Wishaw, Ana Di Armas, Naomi Harris, and Ralph Pines. 파워볼사이트

With director Carrie Fukunaga, who wrote the screenplay of “It,” adding to expectations, she is raising expectations by singing the theme song of “No Time To Die” sung by Billie Eilish, the four-time Grammy Award winner and the youngest theme song artist in the history of the “007” series.

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