2022 esports Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition will be held…

2022 esports Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition will be held on the 21st of the PUBG MOBILE competition

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The Korean Cultural Center in Osaka announced on the 14th that it will hold the 2022 esports Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition ~PUBG MOBILE~ online on the 21st.

“esports Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition” is an e-sports friendly exchange exhibition organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Osaka for the purpose of Korea-Japan exchange through e-sports, which is drawing worldwide attention today. The exchange exhibition, which has been held for four consecutive years this year, is not just a competition between countries and teams, but has established itself as a venue for harmony in communicating across language and border barriers.

This year, it introduced Battleground Mobile, the only domestic game among the eight games selected for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games e-sports event, and is gaining great popularity from users of both Korea and Japan.

Eight teams (16 teams in total) from South Korea and Japan will compete in a total of five matches in two ways: the Korea-Japan Mixed Squad Match and the Korea-Japan Exchange Match. In particular, attention is being paid to what strategy will be implemented to win the championship in the “Korea-Japan Mixed Squad Game,” where two Korean and two Japanese players play as a team.

“E-sports is increasing its international status by being adopted as the first official event at the Hangzhou Asian Games,” said Jeong Tae-gu, head of the Cultural Center. “We plan to actively promote cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan through e-sports.”

The Korea-Japan exchange match will be broadcast on the official YouTube of Battleground mobile e-sports and Naver e-sports from 7 p.m. on the 21st.

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