“43 years old” Big Joe 2nd anniversary…

“43 years old” Big Joe 2nd anniversary… “I hope you didn’t forget me”.

Big Joe

Two years have passed since the death of singer Big Joe (real name Bulk Joseph) from the group Holladang.

Bigjo underwent an inflammatory removal operation in his body at a hospital in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, on January 6, 2021, but died due to poor progress. He was 43 years old.

BJ Park Hyun-bae, who was close to Big Joe, said on the Afreeca TV channel at the time, “Big Joe passed away today. If you were close, please go with me and pray for the repose of the deceased. “I hope you warm up your way home,” he said, shedding tears.

Big Joe is a mixed-race singer born to an American father and a Korean mother. He made his debut with his first album “Spotlight” in 2008 and drew attention with his huge height of 186cm and weight of 250kg at the time. Afterwards, Big Joe went on a diet with the help of trainer Shawn Lee and lost 150kg, but through YouTube channel in 2021.Due to the phenomenon, he confessed that he currently weighs 320kg and declared his suspension for health reasons such as heart failure and diabetes.

At the time, Big Joe said, “It’s good if you come quickly, and you may come later, but I hope you don’t forget me.” He promised to find his health and come back as soon as possible, but he eventually failed to return to his fans, causing regret.

“Big Joe`s was more determined to recover his health than anyone else,” said Park, who served as a member of Big Joe’s Holadang during his lifetime, adding, “I hope you don’t hurt him by posting speculative or ridiculous malicious comments anymore.”

In May 2021, President Park and Nabi, the first members of Holladang, released Big Joe’s posthumous work “Hunoni” to commemorate the deceased. The deceased’s mother also donated the entire donation, excluding BigJo’s hospital expenses and funeral expenses, which was touching.

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