5G services are expanded and faster.‥Which carrier..

5G services are expanded and faster.‥Which carrier has the best quality?


This year, the quality of 5G service has improved compared to the previous year. Among the three mobile telecommunication companies, SK Telecom produced the best results in overall quality such as 5G service range (coverage) and speed.

■ Service range, speed SKT predominates
On the 29th, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Intelligence and Information Society Agency (NIA) announced the results of the 2022 Communication Service Coverage Inspection and Quality Evaluation.

In the case of 5G, considering that coverage is expanding nationwide, the areas subject to quality evaluation were expanded to all 85 administrative districts and major towns and villages nationwide.

As a result of the current status and inspection of 5G service coverage, the area of outdoor 5G coverage area in the surveyed area (as of October) was 33,212.50로 on average, up 74.4% from the same month (199044.04)) last year.

By carrier, △ SKT 34,241.58㎢ △ KT 33,185.10㎢ △ LG U+ 32,210.82, respectively. The Ministry of Science and ICT believes that 5G networks have been established in most of the outdoor areas of all 85 administrative districts and major towns and villages across the country.

In the case of inside major facilities, the average number of facilities that can use 5G out of 4505 major multi-use facilities in the area under investigation was 4,492 (99.7%) on average. This is an increase of 1.6% compared to the previous year (4420). By carrier, it was found to have 4505 △ KT, 4505 LGU+, and 4466 △ SKT.

In the case of subways among transportation infrastructure, it was counted that three companies built 5G in 1,041 stations (98%) out of 1,063 stations (including underground and ground stations, and light rail).

In addition, as a result of boarding a subway car and checking from the starting point to the end point, the ratio of 5G access on 34 routes nationwide was 93.74%, up 4.35 percentage points from the previous year (89.39 percent).

However, the Shinbundang Line (58.82%) and the West Sea Line (6.63%), which have not completed the construction of the 5G network, were still low.

In addition, the quality of 5G services has improved compared to the previous year. The 5G download transmission speed is 896.10 Mbps on average, up 11.8% (94.62 Mbps) from the previous year (801.48 Mbps).

By carrier, △ SKT 1002.27 Mbps △ KT 921.49 Mbps △ LGU+ 764.55 Mbps.

The “OG to LTE conversion rate,” an indicator of the stability of 5G networks, was 1.34% on average (download-based) of the three companies, up 0.54%p from the previous year (1.88%). By carrier, △ SKT 0.98%, △ LGU+ 1.32%, △ KT 1.72%.

■ LTE, how fast is Wi-Fi downloaded?
Meanwhile, the average download speed of LTE was 151.92 Mbps, which is faster than the previous year (10.30 Mbps). It is analyzed that the upload speed is 39.39 Mbps, which is similar to last year (39.76 Mbps).

In the case of Wi-Fi, the commercial Wi-Fi download speed was 338.56 Mbps (400.85 Mbps last year), and the open Wi-Fi speed was 353.30 Mbps (420.20 Mbps last year), which was worse than the previous year.

The Ministry of Science and ICT said, “Although OG coverage and quality have improved, it is important to actively expand investment in 5G networks in order to further improve the quality of 5G users,” adding, “LTE, which is still used by many users, also needs investment for continuous quality management.”
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