60,000 viewers, SEVENTEEN’s fan meeting in Japan

60,000 viewers, SEVENTEEN’s fan meeting in Japan, “HANABI” local media, highly praised


The group Seventeen heated up the Japanese archipelago.

SEVENTEEN 2022 JAPAN FANMEETING “HANABI” that SEVENTEEN successfully wrapped up at Saitama Super Arena in Japan on May 7-8

It proved its high popularity as it was spotlighted by major media outlets.

Billboard Japan posted an article titled “60,000 people were enthusiastic about Seventeen’s first offline performance in Japan in two and a half years.”

The media focused on Seventeen’s fan meeting in Japan and said, “We gathered 60,000 people for two days, and tickets were sold out.

SEVENTEEN performed 11 songs, saying, “I want to show a lot of songs that I haven’t shown in person for two and a half years.”

“SEVENTEEN performed for the first time face-to-face, including the Japanese version of the hit song ‘HOME;RUN’ and the Japanese single ‘Innochikara’ released last year.”

In addition, the performance of “Darl+ing,” which was released on April 15, was released for the first time at an offline performance, and the audience applauded loudly instead of cheering.”

Billboard Japan and Oricon said of Seventeen, “SEVENTEEN, who still showed excellent entertainment skills through the game corner, seemed to be genuinely happy to meet their fans.

All the members greeted the fans in Japanese, and on the encore stage, they were fascinated by interacting with the audience in the rear seats and upstairs in a moving car.”

SEVENTEEN will release their fourth studio album “Face the Sun” on May 27.

“Face the Sun” surpassed 1.74 million pre-orders at home and abroad within a week of pre-sale, surpassing the record of 1.41 million pre-orders for its ninth mini album “Attacca” (Ataka)

It predicted SEVENTEEN’s “Career High” early on.

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