A school uniform shot that reminds me of my soulmate

A school uniform shot that reminds me of my soulmate Kim Dami when I was in high school

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The movie “Soulmate” released a best friend poster featuring the unrivaled chemistry between actors Kim Da-mi and Jeon Sony. It reminds me of my high school days through the two wearing school uniforms of the two.

Soulmate (director Min Yong-geun, distribution NEW, production climax studio, & mark studio, co-production studio & new, and Kiist) tells the story of two friends Miso (Kim Dami), Ha Eun (Jeon Son-i), and Jin-woo (Byeon Woo-suk), who recognized each other from their first meeting, including joy, sadness, excitement, and longing. “Soulmate” released music videos and posters on the 20th, which have been receiving favorable reviews for stories that leave deep empathy and lingering feelings for friendship and love, and are causing word of mouth craze.

The music video of “To You Beautiful As It Is” created by a collaboration between the production team of “Soulmate” and the group’s rooftop moonlight, creates a warm synergy between lyrics that convey friendly consolation and videos of joy, sadness, and excitement shared by Ha-eun.

Lyrics such as “Don’t think it’s wrong because you’re still young and clumsy” and “I’m really proud of you as you are” are as if you’re handing them to Miso and Haeun. The music video ends with Ha-eun’s letter, “Sometimes the faces I want to see, but you were the one I missed the most,” leaving an overwhelming lingering impression.

Along with the music video, the best friend poster of “Soulmate” was also released. This poster, which captures a moment of school memories that Miso and Haeun spent together, adds interest to Miso’s free personality and Ha-eun’s quiet personality just by wearing a school uniform.

“Soulmate” is being screened in theaters nationwide, adding to the word-of-mouth fever amid enthusiastic reviews from the audience.

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