AC Milan Legendary Defender “Kim Min-jae, honestly..

AC Milan Legendary Defender “Kim Min-jae, honestly, I thought you wouldn’t be as good as Coolivalli”

“AC Milan Legend” Alessandro Costa Curta praised “iron pillar” Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

AC Milan

In an interview with the Italian media Sky Calcio Club on the 30th, Costa Curtta reviewed the Napoli-AS Roma match and said, “I felt like I was seeing Khalidou Coulibaly again (from Kim Min-jae).”

Kim Min-jae started as a central defender in the match against AS Roma on the 30th and tied his opponents tightly to lead the team to a 2-1 victory. In particular, the three tops of Rome were made useless. Lorenzo Pellegrini, who played as a left striker, also tried shooting only once, but it was not an effective shot. Central striker Tammy Abraham could not produce a single shot at all.

According to soccer statistics site Hooscored, Kim Min-jae boasted an iron wall defense, recording nine kicks and two shooting stops, the most in both teams.

“Honestly, I didn’t think Kim Min-jae could reach the level of Koulibaly. But I was really surprised.

In fact, when Kim Min-jae wore the Napoli uniform, many were skeptical. The key was whether Kim Min-jae could replace Coulibaly, who left for Chelsea. Contrary to concerns, however, Kim Min-jae swallowed Serie A three to four months after his transfer. He showed off his world-class skills in every game. As it became such a sensation, it has become a target of European big clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. A player who has only been transferred for half a year is being offered a renewal of his team.

Costa Couta has crumpled his image with words that Napoli fans hate. “In a way, Napoli’s advance to the European Champions League is more important than winning Serie A,” Kostakuta said.

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