Ace has launched the Chris Sale Trade Market

Ace has launched the Chris Sale Trade Market

Chris Sale

Will Chris Sale (33, Boston Red Sox), an all-star left-handed pitcher who represented the American League, move his nest?

MLB’s official website MLB Dotcom reported on the 26th (Korea Standard Time) that Boston had a conversation with other teams for trade in Chris Sale

Chris Sale is one of the left-handed pitchers representing Major League Baseball. He went through the Chicago White Sox and Boston with 114 wins, 75 losses, 12 saves, and a 3.03 ERA. Although he did not win the Cy Young Award, he recorded more than 200 strikeouts for seven consecutive years from 2013 to 2019. In 2017, he struck out 308 times. He also served as the winning contractor. Boston won the 2018 World Series as a result of recruiting him through a trade with the White Sox. At that time, Chris Sale helped the team’s overall MLB No. 1 with 12 wins, 4 losses, and a 2.11 ERA in the regular season, and also captured the last out count of the World Series.

The problem with the Chris Sale is health. Since the White Sox, there have been concerns that he will be injured due to his skinny body. His ball speed has fallen since 2019, and he eventually lost the entire season after receiving Tommy John Surrey (elbow ligament joint surgery) in 2020. He took the mound in only nine games in 2021. He finally returned this year, but was excluded from the opening roster due to a chest fatigue fracture just before the opening. After returning, he suffered a fractured pinky and fractured his wrist while riding a bicycle during rehabilitation. Boston, who had expected him to become a franchise ace by signing an extension contract with Chris Sale, has rarely shown a strong team since the departure of Chris Sale. 2021 is the only time I went to the postseason after winning.

Initially, Boston did not consider trading starting pitchers. This is because Nathan Evoldi has become an FA (free agent) and lacks selection. However, I recently changed my mind to listen to the conversation.

Of course, the trade in the Chris Sale cannot be done only with the demand of both clubs. Chris Sale included a clause denying the all-out trade when it signed an extension contract with Boston in 2019.  intention to transfer is essential. The remaining contracts are also large at two years and 55 million dollars. It is a big burden for the opponent to pay $27.5 million a year to ChrisSale, who has only played 11 games in the past three years. Boston has to sell at a fairly low value to get past the sale. As a result, it is expected that other players will have to be tied up or given an annual salary subsidy in order to the trade.

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