Actor Lee Jongwon, will you be on “Strawberry Moon..

Actor Lee Jongwon, will you be on “Strawberry Moon” music video? “IU wants it”.

Actor Lee Jong-won told the background of appearing in singer and actor IU’s music video.

Actor Lee Jongwon

Lee Jong-won, who won the Rookie of the Year award at the MBC Drama Awards last year, appeared on MBC TV’s entertainment show “I Live Alone,” which aired on the 20th, revealing his five-year life alone for the first time. Lee Jong-won enjoyed a sun shower while enjoying the view of Namsan Tower at a house full of things containing his taste, from LP to perfume and film cameras. He said, “For the first time in my life, I live in a house with good sunlight. “I’m grateful to wake up in the sun,” he said.

Rainbow members watched Lee Jong-won, who chooses music as soon as he woke up, and wondered if he listened to IU’s “Strawberry Moon,” which appeared as the main character of the music video. When members asked why she appeared in IU’s music video, Lee Jong-won answered, “I know IU wanted it,” drawing attention.

Actor Lee Jong-won ate his favorite cereal and exercised using the threshold space. In addition, beef was grilled with sesame oil and rice cake dumpling soup was quickly completed using beef bone soup. It was so delicious that he chewed his cheeks and laughed, “It’s all right if it’s delicious.”

He then wore an outdoor look using vintage items and took a film camera to shoot in the neighborhood. Park Na-rae was surprised by Lee Jong-won’s photographer pose, saying, “It’s almost a movie,” and Tmin-nam Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I should take a picture, too.” Along with the scene where Lee Jong-won concentrated on taking pictures, the photos he exhibited in Gangwon-do were released, drawing admiration.

He headed to the development room, put the film in a black bag like a mini darkroom, carefully wiggled, and put the film into the tank, and carefully mixed three solutions and water to carry out the development work. Lee Jong-won also explained, “Just as I have my own food recipe, if you follow my recipe, the color you want comes out.” He also showed his sense of giving printed photos to rainbow members.

At night, actor Lee Jong-won ended the day with his favorite things, enjoying special meals, and purchasing kurisal reserved by phone from his regular butcher’s shop. He said, “I turned 30 this year, and I think I’ll be so happy if I just stay like now. “I’m happy enough even now,” he said.

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