Actor Lee Jung-eun caught tears and said, “Jung Eun-pyo’s..

Actor Lee Jung-eun caught tears and said, “Jung Eun-pyo’s death is revealed” (Missing 2)

Lee Jung-eun, an actor in “Missing 2,” was seen tearing up at her sorrow for principal Jung Eun-pyo.

Actor Lee Jung-eun

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Missing: They Were There 2” (directed by Min Yeon-hong, Lee Ye-rim, written by Ban Ki-ri, Jung So-young, hereinafter referred to as “Missing 2”) released a still ahead of the 11th episode on January 23.

In the last broadcast, the suspicious move of Jung Young-jin (Jeong Eun-pyo), the principal of the Soul Village Industrial Complex 3, was depicted. Jung Young-jin raised questions by telling Kim Wook (Kosu-bun), who wanted to tell the residents of the 3rd industrial complex about the outside world, not to go to his house, and tearing up the family relationship certificate. Moreover, the name of his son who had been to the United States was written on the plaque of his house, raising questions about the story.

Meanwhile, the still released shows Captain Kang (played by Lee Jeong-eun), who shed tears while watching Jung Young-jin. Captain Kang’s eyes and expression, filled with tears, show his sad feelings toward Jung Young-jin, which raises questions. On the other hand, Jung Young-jin seems to be appealing for something. His expression, which seems bitter and desperate, breaks the hearts of the viewers. This is a scene where Jung Young-jin confesses to Captain Kang about his death, and questions are gathered about the secret he is hiding.

In this regard, the production team of “Missing 2” said, “The truth about Jung Young-jin’s death is revealed today (23rd). He refused to hear from his family, and the reason for his move, which made him happy to live in the soul village in a missing state, will be revealed, so please wait and see.”

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