“Actor Lee Sun-bin suspicion of false testimony.” As an issue..

“Actor Lee Sun-bin suspicion of false testimony.” As an issue of obstruction of justice?

Actor Lee Sun-bin is emerging as an issue online and mobile over allegations that he gave false testimony. Lee Sun-bin has refuted related allegations.

Actor Lee Sun-bin

On the 16th, a post titled “Petition on the Introduction of the Crime of Obstruction of Justice” was posted on the website of the National Assembly’s petition system. A, who wrote the article, said, “I couldn’t hide my gloom when I heard XX’s article not long ago,” and claimed, “Many people who lost money from Imagine Asia’s stocks must have read the article with the same mind as me.”

This seems to be based on a media report that Lee Sun-bin, former chairman of Wellmade Yedang, had an effect on the ruling by reversing court testimony on ownership of WYD differently than four years ago in 2021 when he sued former WYD Entertainment CEO C for blackmail.

According to the article, there was a reversal of Lee Sun-bin’s statement regarding the owner of WYD Entertainment (WYD). He previously claimed that “WWYD has nothing to do with A” in a case in which Imagine Asia sued A, the largest shareholder of Wellmade Yedang, in 2017. Later, in 2021, A testified that “WWYD is owned by A” during a dispute with B over ownership of WYD. Lee Sun-bin’s first claim was testified at the prosecution’s investigation and the second at the trial.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-bin said on social media on the 4th, “What’s going on at this dawn?” and added, “If you give false testimony in court, you should be punished, will it be controversial?” Don’t you think he wants to make a controversy? And delisting because of me? That’s all I said? “I would appreciate it if you could find out more about the company and that case and write an article,” he said.

Actor Lee Sun-bin added, “For this reason, it is said that the listing was abolished,” with an article attached that the Korea Exchange decided to review the eligibility for listing in Imagine Asia on charges of embezzlement such as real executives.

Some point out that if actor Lee Sun-bin’s testimony at the trial is false, perjury may be established. However, in this case, it will be difficult to hold Lee Sun-bin accountable for Imagine Asia as it becomes true that “WYD has nothing to do with A” in the prosecution’s investigation.

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