Actress Kim Ji-young said, “Preparing for legal action…

Actress Kim Ji-young said, “Preparing for legal action…” in response to the revelation of her ex-boyfriend’s “Debt Too.”I’m sorry. I’

Actress Kim Ji-young (17) said she is preparing to take legal action against the debt default controversy.

Actor Kim Ji-young said on the 23rd, “I sincerely apologize to everyone who must have felt disappointed and confused by this incident.”

Actress Kim Ji-young

Kim Ji-young said, “We are currently in the process of preparing to respond to the suspicion of ‘debt-too’ (I’m also out of debt) revealed by A, who said he was her ex-boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry and sorry to tell you such bad news during the Lunar New Year holiday,” he said. “I’ll tell you about other progress later.”

On the 22nd, A tagged Kim Ji-young’s account online, saying, “I tried not to reveal it, but I thought about it for six months before uploading it,” and added, “I lived with my friend (Kim Ji-young) and my mother and father owed me hundreds of millions of won because of domestic violence.” “Of course, my parents paid the monthly rent,” he said.

Mr. A then said, “One day, he disappeared and left home, and he told me not to contact him because he was dating someone else.” He claimed that he proudly said he would give everything related to money, but there was no contact.

Mr. A said, “My father still sleeps for four hours and drives on behalf of me because of this money incident. The same goes for the mother. I don’t want to see people who live without thinking on TV. “If I pay you back, I’ll get off right away,” he said. Mr. A asked Kim Ji-young to pay KRW 2 million for the contract penalty for the living room and KRW 800,000 for the cat’s dismissal along with the deposit for the living room.

In addition, Mr. A said, “The cat will bring it to me and send it to me to take care of it.” Currently, it is loved well in my house. He also argued, “Does it make sense to abandon him, saying that he can’t have any responsibility at all?”

Meanwhile, actor Kim Ji-young came to the 2014 MBC drama “Here!” He made his face known by playing the role of Jang Ki-dan in ‘Jangbori’.

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