AKMU’s “Stupid love song” poster will be released.

AKMU’s “Stupid love song” poster will be released.

AKMU’s title track “Fall” is at the top of the music charts, but it has yet to be released. 토토사이트

It is drawing attention as it foretells official videos of songs in the new album.

YG Entertainment’s official blog on the 27th is a new song from AKMU’s collaboration album [NEXT EPISODE].

He posted a poster for the track “Stupid love song (with Crush).”

“Stupid love song” is a song that AKMU worked with Crush and drew many fans’ expectations even before its release.

Lee Soo-hyun’s pure voice and Crush’s comfortable yet sophisticated voice harmonized mellowly, making fans’ hearts flutter.

The track poster, which is impressive in the blue-tone animation still cut, exudes a dreamy atmosphere.

Mysterious people wearing sunglasses were located inside the circle, centering on an unknown existence with a half-covered face, amplifying curiosity.

In addition, the poster was engraved with the phrase “July 28th at midnight.” YG said, “From sadness to joy, it has a variety of emotions.

“Animated official video will be released,” he said, raising expectations for the original film.

“Stupid love song” is the title track of AKMU’s third full-length album, “How can I love the breakup, I love you.”

It is also an extension of the song. It provides comfort and sympathy with the message of feeling free from the pain of parting.

Meanwhile, AKMU’s collaboration album [NEXT EPISODE]’s title track “Fall” was released on the 26th.

It swept the top of major music charts in Korea. In particular, all seven Bugs’ songs ranked first to seventh, making it a so-called “line-up.”

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