An Aespa “Carina” relative posted on the Internet is a hot topic.

An Aespa “Carina” relative posted on the Internet is a hot topic.


Amid keen interest in the rookie group Aespa, a post about the member Aespa is making people laugh.

Recently, posts posted by Karina’s relatives were posted on various online communities such as Instees and Dimitori, drawing attention. The post contains a capture of an Internet post called “Source Site Exploration Team.”

On the 20th, an article titled “Niece Debut” was posted on the Internet. Netizens who wrote the article posted a photo taken by themselves on a music show with the words “Idol debut Gen.G, stage name KARINA” through Magic Bank today. Below the post were comments congratulating his nephew on his debut.

In other words, his nephew is Aespa member Carina, and it was an affectionate post that he made his official debut at KBS2’s “Music Bank.” Based on profile photos of cafe members, it is assumed that the netizens who left the message are middle-aged men.

Capture photos of the above have spread to online communities, and netizens say that the points such as “Magic Bank” and “Direct Picture” are so cute and funny.

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