Another joy for Arsenal…’Promising star’ Pauline Balgun beats..

Another joy for Arsenal…’Promising star’ Pauline Balgun beats Mbappe to top the Ligue 1

Arsenal, which ranks first in the Premier League, is enjoying another joy in the performance of the loanee in addition to this season’s performance. The reason is because of Pauline Balroon (22), who went on loan to Stade de Reims (hereinafter referred to as Reims) of Ligue 1 in France ahead of this season.

Pauline Balgun

Pauline Balroon is a 2001 striker with triple citizenship in England, the United States and Nigeria. He grew up in the United States as a child and joined Arsenal’s youth team in 2008 and has lived in London all the time. He was recognized for his potential from a young age and has emerged as a notable striker in the team.

He later made his professional debut in the 2020-2021 season, and last season, he left for Middlesbrough on loan through the winter transfer market and gained experience. At that time, he scored three goals and three assists in 18 games. He then went on loan to Reims ahead of this season, making it the best choice.

Upon joining the team, Pauline Balgun emerged as the team’s main striker. He started scoring from the first round and showed good performance in every game. So far, he has scored 15 goals and 2 assists in 21 official matches, making him the team’s top scorer.

Moreover, he achieved a hat trick against Lorient last time, beating Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe (13 goals) to top the league with 14 goals.

In response, Arsenal even considered a recall of the Balgun in January. During the World Cup, the main striker Gabriel Jesus (26) was injured and needed a substitute. In the transfer market, he started to reinforce additional attacks, but if he fails, he even considered joining the valet. However, Eddie Nketia (24), who was a backup, continued to play well and relieved his worries. eos파워볼

Nevertheless, Ballyon’s performance is a great help to Arsenal. He can return next season to strengthen his team’s strength, and if other clubs want to recruit him, he may make more than a certain amount of profits.

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