Apple and Tesla turn a blind eye to human rights …

Apple and Tesla turn a blind eye to human rights and environmental issues in China

Apple and Tesla

Despite the U.S. government’s efforts to exclude China from the global key supply chain, Apple and Tesla, which still clearly love China, have become the targets of criticism by leading U.S. lawmakers.

Mark Warner, chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, said in an interview with Bloomberg on the 18th (local time) that companies such as Apple and Tesla are promoting ESG (environmental, social, and governance improvement) management but ignoring obvious human rights and environmental issues in China.

He pointed out, “China is a very large market, but we ignore the oppression of Hong Kong citizens, Xinjiang Uighur people, and whether the electric vehicle battery power supplied by Tesla comes from Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.”

China has been accused of numerous human rights violations against Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Tesla’s sales in China accounted for about 25% of its total sales in the third quarter of this year, and Apple’s parts are mostly from China, and about 20% of its sales come from China.

In this regard, Chairman Warner reiterated that the U.S. should escape from excessive dependence on Chinese supply chains after mentioning that it is disappointing not only for U.S. companies such as Apple but also for other multinational companies.

He expressed concern that China’s blockade of Taiwan was an “economic disaster,” and that the fight with China would be “extremely different” from confronting Russia.

In particular, he warned, “If China begins to dominate the high-tech sector, it will eventually dominate all areas.” 안전놀이터

Chairman Warner predicted that additional regulatory bills against China will be prepared for high-tech fields including synthetic biology, renewable energy, and quantum computing.

He said some environmental activists do not look at how electric cars were made first, considering only the timing of use of electric vehicles as a measure of the impact of electric vehicles, adding, “Change should start from this point.”

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