Arginine, which protects young blood vessels, to take it properly?

Arginine, which protects young blood vessels, to take it properly?


There is not much time left until the new year when you get a year older. Everyone’s blood vessels age as they age. Blood vessels begin to age first, but they are invisible and do not know until serious complications appear.

It is important to keep blood vessels young and make blood flow smooth, which serve to send blood and nutrients essential for life support to every corner of the body. What are some ways to prevent blood vessels from aging?

△ “This” prevents blood clots from improving blood circulation

Nobel Prize-winning medical scientist Luis Ignaro is known to have taken arginine to protect blood vessel health. This is because it is the only molecule that produces nitrogen oxide in the body and helps blood vessel relaxation. As you get older, nitrogen oxide decreases and blood vessel aging progresses, so the higher the nitrogen oxide in the body, the better. This is why middle-aged people should steadily consume arginine, which promotes blood vessel expansion and helps blood circulation.

In women after menopause, deaths from cardiovascular disease are twice as many as deaths from cancer. This is because HDL cholesterol decreases and LDL cholesterol increases due to the decrease in female hormones, resulting in blood clots accumulating in blood vessels. If you take arginine steadily, you can prevent blood clots and get help in health care.

△ an effective way to consume

Arginine is also produced through the body synthesis process, but the amount is very small and the absorption rate is low. Therefore, it is more effective to eat health functional foods than regular foods if you aim for high effects. In the case of commercial products, general food types such as mixed drinks and health functional foods that are guaranteed to function are mixed, so it is important to check whether they are certified health functional foods when selecting products.

Arginine as a raw material for health functional foods has been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its “function of improving blood circulation through vascular relaxation” when consumed 6g a day. The official name is “L-arginine,” and if you want to replace 6g of daily recommended amount with food, you should eat about 2 eels (565g), about 3 servings of pork ribs (569g), and about 3 packs of chicken breast (349g).

It is also good to take it with vitamin B. Nitrogen oxide synthase (NOS) is needed to produce nitrogen oxide, and vitamin B is the ingredient that helps it work well. Therefore, it is helpful to take arginine and vitamin B group together to help effectively produce and use nitrogen oxide.

△ Checkpoint to eat safely

It is necessary to obtain the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) safety raw material certification (GRAS) and see if raw materials that have passed reliable quality standards have been used. Arginine is sometimes extracted from pig hair or duck hair, but it is difficult to confirm the safety of animals. It is recommended to choose a product with high quality safety by fermenting sugar cane or corn-derived glucose as microbial food. Country of origin verification is also essential. The main check point is to make sure that it is a reliable raw material produced in Korea.

Arginine can cause nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal bloating when overdosed, so it is recommended to consume an appropriate amount. Specific constitution such as specific diseases or allergies, and pregnant women may occasionally overreact, so the safety of the raw material should be checked. If you have kidney disease, gout, or pancreatitis, it is recommended to consult a specialist before taking it.

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