Asi Durian’s new work fell to 3% range as if it was

Asi Durian’s new work fell to 3% range as if it was the last stop for homosexuality


Is it possible that the high-flying homosexuality can’t be helped. The ratings of “Asi Durian” have fallen to around 3%.

On the 24th, TV Chosun’s “Asi Durian” (written by Lim Sung-han/directed by Shin Woo-chul and Jung Yeo-jin) was unveiled. “Asi Durian” is a new work by writer Lim Sung-han, the master of the drama, and was expected even before the first broadcast.

Starring Park Joo-mi, Choi Myung-gil, and Kim Min-joon, “Asi Durian” is a fantasy melodrama in which two women from the Yangban family of the Joseon Dynasty become entangled with the current men in 2023 through time travel. It is the first fantasy melodrama that writer Lim Sung-han is challenging, raising curiosity.

From the first broadcast, “Ashi Durian” was unconventional. Durian (Park Joo-mi) and her daughter-in-law Kim So-je (Lee Da-yeon) time-slip from the Joseon Dynasty to the Dan family in 2023, while Jang Se-mi (Yoon Hae-young), the first daughter-in-law of the Dan family, suddenly confessed to her mother-in-law Baek Do-yi (Choi Myung-gil).

In addition, the relationship between the characters of the Dan family, where Durian went, was also complicated. Danchigang (former old Min), his father in his previous life, was reborn as Baek Doi’s first son. Dolsoe, whom Durian loved, became the second son Danchigam (played by Kim Min-joon), and Danchigam (played by Ji Young-san), who was Durian’s husband, was reborn as the third son. Dandongmyeong (played by Yoo Jeong-hoo), the son of Durian, also appeared as Baek Do-yi’s grandson and became entangled.

Expectations were high, signaling that the relationship between Durian and the Dan family would become entangled, but the results were not good. “Asi Durian,” which started with a 4.2% rating for the first broadcast, fell 0.8%p to 3.4% in the second episode. It fell to the 3% level in the first inning.

It is Lim Sung-han’s new work, and it is certainly a disappointing performance that it recorded a 3% viewer rating. Lim Sung-han’s previous work, “Marriage Composer Divorce Composition,” which recorded the highest ratings in TV Chosun’s history, has recorded high ratings since season 1. At that time, the first broadcast of season 1 of “Marriage Composer Divorce Composition” was 6.9%, and it steadily rose to a maximum of 9.7%.

Since then, it has recorded the highest viewer rating of 16.6% in season 2 of “Marriage Composer Divorce Composition,” and season 3 has also maintained a viewer rating of 10.4%, showing Lim Sung-han’s potential. Compared to the reputation of the previous work, it is regrettable that “Asi Durian” started with a 4.2% rating and fell to the 3% range.

While Lim Sung-han’s new work is divided against expectations, attention is focused on whether he will overcome the pain of the first week’s ratings and show his potential once again

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