B.I. father appeals to cry over his son’s death.

B.I. father appeals to cry over his son’s death.


When B.I (Kim Han-bin), a former icon accused of drugs, was sentenced to prison, he and his father appealed for leniency.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Park Sa-rang, Kwon Sung-soo, and Park Jeong-je, senior judges of the Seoul Central District Court’s criminal agreement, began their first trial on B.I. accused of drugs on the 27th.

“Please order the defendant three years in prison and 1.5 million won in additional fines,” the prosecution said. “The defendant has benefited greatly from his activities in the entertainment industry for about three years after the crime.”

In his final statement, B.I. and his father directly appealed to the court for leniency.

“I made a very stupid mistake in the past,” B.I. said. “I lost a lot of things to make excuses for being short-minded, and my mom and dad’s brother hurt many people’s hearts.”

“I want to continue to reflect on myself in the future,” he said. “I hope you give me one chance to live as a person who can be forgiven while keeping my determination and mindset.”

B.I’s father, A, who also appeared in court, also spoke. “I and B.I. are reflecting on our family,” he said. “We will work harder.” B.I’s father even cried.

The public’s attention was also focused on the prosecution’s judgment, which demanded three years in prison, but attention was also focused on A, who attended the court and appealed for his son’s leniency.

Earlier, suspicions were raised in media reports that A was the vice chairman of IOK Company, where B.I belongs, and that A helped B.I return by helping him with external parts of music after joining the company.

B.I. is also the youngest executive director of the IOK Company. IOK Company is a medium-sized entertainment agency that includes actors Ko Hyun-jung and Jo In-sung as well as singer Jang Yoon-jung. This is why there are suspicions that B.I. was appointed as an in-house director by his father A’s breath.

The IOK Company announced its position on Wednesday and denied the allegations. The agency said, “It is not true that Mr. A is the vice chairman, and although he recently visited the office to help with administrative affairs such as the album preparation process, he did not work as the vice chairman of the company.”

A was arrested in October 2014 on charges of embezzling about 2.4 billion won in investment in the process of acquiring Seunghwa Freetec in the past. A was accused of collecting 18.1 billion won in investment and sharing 2.39 billion won in company funds by falsely disclosing information on his stake with an accomplice.

In the wake of this, Seunghwa Freetec, a healthy company that entered the KOSDAQ in January 2010, was virtually unable to recover after it was decided to be delisted in January 2016. The size and amount of victims are believed to have increased due to the delisting wave.

When B.I was a member of iKON, a number of people who were damaged by A and shareholders of Seunghwa Pretec posted an appeal to the online community.파워볼사이트

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