Baltimore finally lost 18 games in a row.

Baltimore finally lost 18 games in a row.


The Baltimore Orioles, the last in the Major League, lost again. He has already set the record for the most consecutive losses this season with 18 consecutive losses.

Baltimore lost a 1-3 home game against the Atlanta Braves in the 2021 Major League Baseball at Camden Yaz in Baltimore, Maryland on the 23rd (Korea time). Ace John Mins pitched three runs in six innings as a starter, but his batting line was only one run.파워볼사이트

As a result, Baltimore has been mired in 18 consecutive losses starting with the New York Yankees on the 4th. The record is the most consecutive losses this season, beating the Arizona Diamondbacks, who lost 17 consecutive games in June. It is the longest record in the Major League since the Kansas City Royals’ 29th consecutive loss in 2005.

The Baltimore club is also nearing its disgraceful history. If he loses three more games, he will be on par with the team’s record 21 consecutive losses in 1988. The most consecutive losses in the Major League were the Louisville Kernel’s 26th consecutive defeat in 1989. Since the modern baseball era of 1900, the Philadelphia Phillies have lost 23 consecutive games in 1961.

Baltimore manager Brandon Hyde said, “Our efforts are no problem in the preparation process, but we are not winning. “The pitchers threw well in this series, but the bat didn’t go off. “It’s hard,” he said.

“I knew today would come,” Mins said, expressing his sense of defeat. “It’s not very fun these days. Tim seems to be under pressure. “Every player is trying to fix everything, but I think we should relax and enjoy the game again.”

From his 14th consecutive loss in May to this 18th consecutive loss, Baltimore is on the verge of falling by 20 percent with 38 wins and 85 losses (.309). The lowest winning rate among 30 teams. Baltimore, which entered the rebuilding after a wildcard in 2016, and fell to the bottom of the earth for three consecutive years between 2017 and 2019, rebounded briefly to fourth place on Earth last year, but is bottoming out again this year. As a result of focusing on fostering young players without any significant reinforcement. As a fielder, promising players such as Ryan Mountcastle and Cedric Mullins are growing, but the pitching side has little growth. He is in last place with 5.79 ERA.

Baltimore will take a day off on the 24th and seek an escape from the 18th consecutive home game against the Los Angeles Angels on the 25th. Rookie right-hander Spencer Watkins has been scheduled to be the starting pitcher. Right-hander Dylan Bundy from Baltimore will start for the Angels.

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