Bang Sihyuk said, “BTS is the starting point + power, and the future…

Bang Sihyuk said, “BTS is the starting point + power, and the future is important.”

Bang Sihyuk

Hive (HYBE, CEO Park Ji-won) shared the stories of people who have grown and evolved together and sought borderless expansion through “Hive Company Briefing with the Community.” The company briefing session, which was held under the theme of “coevolution,” featured various actors forming the Hive community and presented the direction of Hive through the process of seeking answers to questions given to each person.

Through the company briefing session, the Hive community provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance of music and content, which is also the basis of the multi-label strategy. He also reaffirmed his willingness to never compromise on the quality of music and content.

On the 10th, Hive simultaneously transmitted the video of “Hive Company Briefing with the 2022 Community” through Hive Labels’ YouTube channel. The video of the company briefing session contains labels, artists, and various independent corporations and business sectors that have been using a multi-label strategy under an organic cooperation system.

The video of the company’s briefing session began by asking questions about the factors that serve as a focal point and driving force in the process of breathtaking innovation and business expansion. Members who move Hive honestly shared stories about Hive’s core values and new attempts to expand the fan experience to find answers.

The video showed not only members of Hive’s major business sectors such as labels, solutions, and platforms, but also executives such as Hive label artists, Chairman Bang Sihyuk, and CEO Park Ji-won. They showed signs of intense contemplation to find answers to the question “Why Hive?” In addition, as the advancement of the multi-label strategy was decided to be a mid- to long-term growth engine, members of the Hive label appeared and shared their inner thoughts and hidden stories with the Hive community. In the process, there have also been a number of cases in which labels, solutions, and platforms that pursue the best content quality have collaborated organically.

Hive’s company briefing session has continuously presented topics related to innovation in the music industry. The 2020 company briefing session, which is the predecessor of Hive, introduced “Big Hit Winning Formula” and “Big Hit Ecosystem,” expressing their willingness to innovate the music industry through them. At last year’s company briefing, it made it clear that it will seek borderless expansion through the keyword “Boundless.”

This year’s company briefing session, which is an extension of the previous company briefing session, introduced various success stories related to the achievements of borderless expansion, collaboration in the label and solution sectors, and the convergence of the music industry and technology. And it was made clear that the value of music and content corresponding to the basis could never be subject to compromise. This is also the direction of co-evolution that all the subjects who make up the Hive community aim for.

Chairman Bang Sihyuk defined that “Hive’s DNA is not to be afraid of new attempts,” and expressed his belief that “the content we create for fans who are waiting for new music and new appearances of artists should be the best.” Chairman Bang Sihyuk stressed that this is like a “ground rule” that the Hive community has respected.

Messages containing gratitude for BTSs and fans and willingness to continue their bond with ARMY were also included. Chairman Bang Sihyuk delivered a message of appreciation, saying, “The BTS is our starting point and the driving force that allowed us to come this far.” He also thanked fans for playing the role of communication target, promoter, marketer, and guide to prevent Hive from going in the wrong direction, affirming, “We can’t go a step without ARMY.”

He also said, “I think it’s almost like a family to have come this far and have been together for 10 years. The future seems to be important for the relationship so far to remain more beautiful. What we should show in the future and how we can cry and laugh together for a long time. “I think we need to think about how to make BTS’ legacy more glorious in the future and how ARMY can participate in it.

CEO Park Ji-won appeared at the end of the video and outlined plans for activities by Hive label artists such as &TEAM, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, New Jeans, and Leserapim. In particular, regarding the BTS, he said, “The BTS will focus on individual activities for the time being as I predicted. Following Jin’s release of the single, he plans to release RM’s solo album soon. In addition, as various individual activities are scheduled for each member, we ask for a lot of attention and encouragement for the BTS’s future moves, he said.

He also vowed to inform fans of the results of various projects being promoted along with the artists’ activities. CEO Park Ji-won said, “There are many questions and homeworks thrown at Hive,” adding, “We want to continue to evolve that heavyness as a driving force.”

Chairman Bang Sihyuk said, “What I am most concerned about is the appearance of our company in 2027. In my head, actually, the timeline of five years was drawn to some extent earlier this year. I think I can and should play the role of giving courage to many people and going together, so I think that’s my calling, but when 2027, I have to look for it again. I wonder if I’m doing well. “I’m working with that mind,” he said.

CEO Park Ji-won concluded the company briefing by saying, “It is difficult to evolve with various actors forming the Hive community,” but expressed his willingness to co-evolution by saying, “Nevertheless, Hive will evolve with the community.”

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