Barcelona, seeking a quick turnaround, offers Messi

Barcelona, seeking a quick turnaround, offers Messi a “last-minute” offer: “It’s not over yet.”

Will FC Barcelona’s buzzer be burst?

Spain’s La Portia TV reported on the 10th (Korea time) that FC Barcelona made a “final” offer to Lionel Messi.

Messi said at a farewell press conference on the previous day that “there is a possibility, but nothing has been confirmed.”

With the possibility of transferring to Manchester City reduced, Messi’s chances of going to PSG are the greatest right now.

Local media have already reported that Messi will enter Paris and officially announce his departure to PSG on the 10th.

Rumors of Chelsea’s high-jacking have been circulated, but Messi’s trip to PSG seems to be in the making. He was likely to make an official announcement within 10 days.

However, there was a large variable. Barca, the club Messi loved so much and wanted to stay, made the last offer.

“Barca has put in a ‘final’ offer for Messi,” La Portia TV said.

Messi and Barca will resume negotiations the day after the press conference, stressing that “it is not completely over yet.”

On top of that, a leading figure retweeted the report and announced that it was true.

The main character is Xavi Campos, a reporter for Cataluna Radio in Spain who is known to be familiar with the news of Barca.

In the end, Barca seems to have started the final match to somehow leave Messi right after the press conference.

Attention is focusing on how Messi Saga will end, which seemed to end.

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