“Basketball player Jonathan Isaac returns after 904 days..

“Basketball player Jonathan Isaac returns after 904 days” The forward, who has been fretting fans for more than two years, is finally coming back.

This is a return that took more than 900 days.

Jonathan Isaac

The Athletic reported on the 22nd that Jonathan Isaac of the Orlando Magic will return to the home game against the Boston Celtics on the 24th.

This is good news for Orlando fans. If Isaac returns as scheduled, he will play the NBA game 904 days after the August 3, 2020 game at the Orlando Bubble.

Isaac, a Florida State University graduate, joined Orlando in the sixth overall draft in 2017. Isaac, who is 211 centimeters tall and has excellent athletic ability, is a resource that has stood out especially in defense. In particular, he made an average of 2.3 block shots in the 2019-2020 season.

However, Isaac, who was considered as a defender-like talent of the year, failed to show his ability as expected due to injury. In particular, he suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in the match against Sacramento in August 2020. At that time, Isaac had returned after six months from a knee injury.

Despite the serious injury, Orlando continued to send faith to Isaac. Orlando signed a four-year, $80 million extension contract with Isaac in December 2020, promising a long-term companion. Considering the size of the contract, it can be seen that Orlando had high expectations for Isaac.

Jonathan Isaac, however, has yet to play a game since signing an extension due to a setback in his rehabilitation. Isaac, who took a long time to recover, recently improved his sense of play by playing in the G-League and scored 15.8 points by playing an average of 17 minutes in two games. 파워볼게임

Currently, Orlando has a number of young and talented resources on its front court, including Paolo Bancero, Franz Wagner, Vol. Ball, and Wendell Carter Jr. If Isaac plays well, Orlando will build a stronger front court line.

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