“Battleground” Epic Games Store officially launched

“Battleground” Epic Games Store officially launched


Krafton will officially release “Battleground” on the global online game platform Epic Games Store.

Battleground, the representative title of the Battle Royale genre, has continued its service through platforms such as PCs and consoles since it was first released as Steam Early Access in 2017.

Krafton will expand its service channel to the Epic Games Store so that more global users can access the Battleground.

Battlegrounds can be played through the Epic Games Store from the 8th.

Cross-display with steam platform is also possible.

Even before its official launch, you can access “Battlegrounds” at the Epic Games Store.

The Battleground Store page will be opened in advance after the 21.1 live server update on the 6th.

Users can download the game in advance.

“Krafton and PUBG studios are continuing various activities such as expanding platforms and services and updating new maps with the goal of Battlegrounds for All,” said Jang Tae-seok, general producer of PUBG Studio. “We hope that the launch of the Epic Games Store will deliver the original Battlegrounds experience to many users.”

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