Battleground, the world’s best…”PNC 2022″ opens after 3 years

Battleground, the world’s best…”PNC 2022″ opens after 3 years


Krafton’s Battleground national competition PUBG Nations Cup 2022 (PNC 2022) opened on the 16th. It will be held at Icon Siam Mall in Bangkok, Thailand for four days until the 19th. It is the first time in three years that the PNC has been held due to COVID-19.

A total of 80 athletes from 16 countries in four regions will participate in this competition. Teams from each country consist of four players and one coach. As for the Korean national team, △ Kwangdong Prix Kim Dong-joon △ Dana and Lee Sports Cho Ki-yeol △ Gen.G. Na Hee-joo △ Damwon Kia Park Jung-young were selected as the national squad. Dana and eSports coach Shin Myung-kwan coached the Korean national team.

A total of 20 matches will be held for four days, five matches every day, and the ranking will be determined by the sum of kill points and ranking points. The team with the most accumulated points in 20 matches wins.

In commemoration of this competition, online and offline events will also be held. The site will sell PNC 2022 commemorative T-shirts and goods to spectators visiting the Battleground e-sports competition for the first time in three years and provide attractions such as mini-games and game device experience booths. The “Pick’em Challenge” is also underway to predict the winning team. A total of 100,000 EPs can be received when predicting the winning team. 토토추천

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