Bill Evans, a jazz piano poet. Announcement..

Bill Evans, a jazz piano poet. Announcement of the Collector Edition

Bill Evans

The jazz pianist Bill Evans limited edition collector edition LP “BILL EVANS Illustration by Luigu Di Giammarino (illustrated)” has been released as a 28-page illustration and biography of 305X305, the Good International label said on the 9th.

Bill Evans (1929–1980) released more than 80 albums. He is a jazz master who has been nominated 31 times for a Grammy Award, won seven times, and inducted into the Downbeat Jazz Hall of Fame.

Perhaps due to the burden of natural talent, he eventually died in New York in September 1980 after suffering from what was called the “longest suicide in history” from heroin in the 1960s to cocaine in 1970. After his death, about 30 records were released in memory of him.

Bill Evans is an indispensable legend for modern jazz, which has left his tremendous sensibility in both his creations and performances. In his lifetime, Evans did not receive due respect from the public, but he became one of the most popular jazz pianists of all time.

The hardcover LP contains eight gem-like jazz piano performances, including “Waltz For Debbie,” which is considered the trademark of Bill Evans, “Danny Boy,” an arrangement of Irish folk songs, and “Autumn Leaves,” an eternal jazz classic.

All of the songs on the album were remastered in 2022 and are a limited edition collector edition of 1000 copies worldwide.

Evans’ performance is different from traditional black jazz and is considered to be out of the influence of European classical music. He was famous for not rehearsing before the performance. This is because it hinders improvisation and interplay between members, which are the strengths of jazz.

Critics called his style of improvisation “storytelling,” and Miles Davis said, “Bill Evans was quiet in front of the piano. The sound he had was like a sparkling melody or a fresh stream of water falling from a clear waterfall,” he praised.

Italian painter Luigi Di Giammarino illustrates Bill’ life, called the “longest suicide in history,” with a surrealist technique.

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