BLACKPINK first girl group time magazine

BLACKPINK first girl group time magazine, “Entertainer of the Year”


BLACKPINK has been selected as the 2022 Entertainer of the Year by TIME magazine.

Time magazine released a list of the most influential people in each field this year on its website on the 5th (local time). BLACKPINK was selected as the first girl group in the world to be named “Entertainer of the Year.” It is the second K-pop group to be selected as BTS (BTS) in 2020.

Time magazine said, “BLACKPINK is the icon of the current era that leads the trend and is the largest female band in the world that no one can deny,” adding, “We broke several records through our second full-length album as well as the K-pop group, which showed the biggest performance on the global music chart this year.” “BLACKPINK says they are ordinary girls, but they decorated MTV VMAs in August and are on a mega world tour,” he said. “They have the largest number of YouTube subscribers among artists in the world.”

BLACKPINK told Time magazine, “When we do music, we are happiest. “We are happily enjoying every moment, so we have also followed good results,” he said. “I think the power of the fans who always love and support us was the greatest,” he said to BLINK, adding, “I will do my best every moment with gratitude.”

Earlier, BLACKPINK was selected as one of the characters of “TIME 100 NEXT 2019” and was nominated for “Person of the Year” in 2020.

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