BLACKPINK, is this really controversial?

BLACKPINK, is this really controversial?


The concert of girl group BLACKPINK is controversial, but it is somewhat strange.

If you look at the scenes floating online, it is true that BLACKPINK members’ choreography is not right or make mistakes at some moments. However, this is because BLACKPINK’s concert, which I saw with my eyes, other than the floating video, was not.

The Seoul concert, which was the start of the world tour, was opened to the media by YG Entertainment, and YG initially boasted, “We have collected all the accumulated know-how so far,” so I was curious about “how much it is.”

When I felt it with my eyes and ears in the field, I had no choice but to admit YG’s confidence. BLACKPINK’s hits, arranged with the band sound, were much more intense than just listening to the song, and it was a very impressive concert with the members’ skillful live performances and relaxation from their stage careers.

In fact, in addition to the controversial scenes, several stage videos featuring the experiences of BLACKPINK members can be found online. Nevertheless, it is unfair to undermine BLACKPINK’s concerts as if they were all below the level with only some scenes.

When you watch concerts of not only BLACKPINK but also domestic and foreign singers, there are times when you make choreography mistakes during the two-hour stage, and you often leave after singing. But that’s the concert, the live. It is different from smooth and perfectly edited music shows or music videos. At the concert, it is “living music” because singers breathe with the audience until the moment they make a mistake.

There is no reason why BLACKPINK cannot be criticized for becoming a world star. If there are some mistakes, you can proudly be criticized and self-reflect to make up for them. However, excessive reprimand compared to mistakes is not criticism, but criticism. BLACKPINK has now become a representative girl group of K-pop that cannot be denied. If we are encouraged by malicious accusations, we will end up spitting in my face.

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