Boston is the top of the league and he’s coming back

Boston is the top of the league and he’s coming back


Robert Williams III (25, Boston Celtics) is scheduled to return.

Adrian Woznarowski, a reporter for ESPN, a sports media outlet, appeared on “NBA Today” on the morning of the 8th (Korea Standard Time) and said that Robert Williams’ scheduled return date is between the 11th and 13th.

Earlier in September, Robert Williams underwent vasectomy on his left knee and was absent from the opening game of this season. However, Robert Williams still showed off his defensive and athletic skills, blocking his teammate’s shot in the team training held on the 1st.

Initially, his return date was after Christmas, but his recovery speed was better than expected, allowing him to meet fans as soon as possible.

On the date of Robert Williams’ return, Boston leaves the West Coast expedition. Boston is scheduled to play against the Golden State Warriors (hereinafter referred to as the Goals) on the 11th and the LA Lakers on the 13th.

Robert Williams contributed greatly to Boston’s victory over the goal in the final last season. Williams was also one of the best big men in the league to stop Anthony Davis.

Earlier, Robert Williams played as a rim protector and anchorman in Boston. He finished second in number of blocked shots per game, behind Jaren Jackson Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies, with a 38.2% field ERA being the lowest among players to defend 500 shots.

Robert Williams, who also played well in the offense, finished second among players who tried at least 300 games with a 73.6% success rate in field pitching 파워볼사이트

Meanwhile, Boston is winning the top spot in the NBA with 20 wins and 5 losses (80% winning rate) this season.

Boston is going through this season with its all-time offense rather than its existing advantage, defense. They scored 120 points and an average of 120.6 points in the attack efficiency index (ORtg), ranking first overwhelmingly. In addition, NetRtg is maintaining a balance between offense and defense, which is 1.3 points different from Phoenix, which is second with 8.5.

Boston, in particular, dominated the league with a three-point shot. They ranked first in the league in the number of 3-point attempts (16.6) and the success rate (40.2%), and second in the league in the number of 3-point attempts (41.4). On top of that, the success rate of free throws (84.4%) was also ranked first.

Here comes Robert Williams back. He can add Boston’s lack of two-point fieldwork with his ability to pressure the paint zone not only in defense but also in offense.

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