“Boys Planet” confirms live broadcasting of Korea and

“Boys Planet” confirms live broadcasting of Korea and Japan at the same time…The first episode airs on February 2nd.

“Boys Planet” meets viewers from all over the world.

Boys Planet

Mnet’s “BOYS PLANET” and “BOYS PLANET,” which are set to premiere on February 2, will be broadcast live in Korea and Japan simultaneously through Mnet Japan and ABEMA.

In addition, some parts of Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and other regions such as the Americas, Europe, and Oceania will be serviced through leading platforms, while other regions will visit fans around the world through live YouTube.

While the K-POP craze in Japan is hotter than ever due to the propaganda of idols including Kepler and JO1, expectations are high even before the broadcast in Japan.

Since the open recruitment of participants last year, 84 countries and regions including Korea, Asia, Europe, and the Americas have flooded with applications. It is said that there is a growing response from SNS in Japan, saying, “I am looking forward to what global K-POP boy group will be born in ‘Boys Planet’.”

Meanwhile, Mnet has released the signal song “Here I Am” performance of “Boys Planet`s” and continues to release short videos on various themes that can gauge trainees’ skills and attractiveness in advance, drawing keen attention from global K-POP fans.

Boyz Planet, where the debut group will be selected by 100% of the votes of star creators, will premiere at 8 p.m. on February 2.

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