Brooklyn tops ESPN nba power rankings…Lakers are third.

Brooklyn tops ESPN nba power rankings…Lakers are third.


Brooklyn topped the ESPN power rankings.

ESPN announced the 2021-2022 NBA power ranking on the 24th (Korea time). Six reporters from ESPN selected the rankings based on the current situation after each team finished strengthening its power in the FA market.

The top spot was Brooklyn. “Brucklin is the best team in the East as long as James Harden and Kaylee Irving are healthy,” said Royce Young, one of the participants.

In addition, he added Patty Mills and James Johnson to reinforce the bench and renewed his contract with Kevin Durant.

Defending champion Milwaukee was named in second place.

Tim Bontems said of Milwaukee, “It’s been half a century since I lifted the trophy. Although P.J. Tucker has left, the addition of George Hill and Grayson Allen will greatly help the team. How far will Yannis Adetokunbo, who has won the championship, grow this season?”

The Los Angeles Lakers, who brought Russell Westbrook through a large trade deal and completed the LeBron James-Anthony Davis-Westbrook triangle, came in third.

Dave McMenamin told the Lakers, “The ratings are mixed. “For some, it is a group of talented players, and for others, it is a veteran corps of 31.8 years of average age.”토토사이트

Phoenix, who kneeled down to Milwaukee in the final last season, and Yuta, who ranked first in the regular season, were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

They were followed by Philadelphia, Denver, Miami and Atlanta, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Stephen Curry’s Golden State ranked 12th, Damian Lillard’s Portland ranked 15th, and Chicago, which recruited Derma Drojan, ranked 19th.

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