BTS Jungkook abruptly stopped just before the auction closed

BTS Jungkook abruptly stopped just before the auction closed

BTS Jungkook

The special auction of Mercedes-Benz G-Bargen in the BTSn political situation, which nearly tripled from 150 million to 420 million, was abruptly suspended just before the deadline. Regarding the background, the auction house explained that it was confirmed that some foreigners with unclear identities participated in the bidding, which is feared to cause damage to those who sincerely accepted the auction.

BTS The special auction of Mercedes-Benz G-Bargen, which Jungkook bought himself and drove for two years, was suspended at 4 p.m. on November 21, two hours before the deadline. There were a total of 39 bids right before the suspension, and the price of the vehicle was formed from 150 million won to 420 million won, nearly three times the starting price. The auction was held at BLACKLOT, an online auction site under Seoul Auction, Korea’s largest art auction company.

Shortly after the auction was suspended, Blackrat posted a notice on its website to explain the background.

Specifically, Blackrat said, “Many foreign bidding details have been confirmed among bidders, and there were cases where they were not identified through various means,” adding, “If the auction is held without identification, the auction will be suspended for now.”

In addition, Blackrat announced that it would conduct a resale after preparing countermeasures for the problem.

BTS Jungkook purchased the Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG G63 edition, which was auctioned in September 2019, owned it in his name for more than two years, and transferred it to a collector in March this year. The vehicle was officially registered in the form of a special auction on Blackrat, an auction site specializing in layer items affiliated with Seoul Auction, and the auction began on November 14 for 150 million won, 60 to 70 million won less than the market price of the same model.

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