BTS RM, “Most of the members will be discharged…

BTS RM, “Most of the members will be discharged from the military in 2025, and protect the entire group”


The group’s BTS members RM and Suga hoped to reunite in 2025.

The first episode of Suga’s own talk content “Schwita” was released on the official channel of BTS on the 5th. “Schwita” is a talk show where Suga meets people from various fields through alcohol and music and shares honest stories, and RM appeared as the first guest on the day.

On this day, the two had a deep conversation with traditional liquor. Suga said, “RM wasn’t the type to drink often. When I was young, I was a member who looked very pathetic when I came in after drinking. He said, “I’ve been drinking a little lately.”

Recently, RM released his first official solo album, “Indigo”. RM said, “It feels a little weird. It has been exactly 15 years since I started music, and finally, a work that can be officially recognized has come out. He expressed satisfaction by saying, “There were about half of the regrets or regrets in ‘mono.’ but I feel like this won’t happen.”

Suga said, “When I meet him, he always has disheveled hair, thick glasses, and a look of his soul,” and added, “I think that’s when he’s old enough that his emotions come out.” When it matures, the person’s complete appearance comes out. “At the beginning of my debut, I’m doing my own music, but there are many musicians who can’t perform due to externalities and grades,” he said, praising RM’s growth.

RM said, “Just as everything that was underdog made BTS today, I couldn’t be free from it. “Indigo is what made everything in the past like a diamond when you press carbon at the age of 29,” he said.

RM and Suga looked back on the difficult pandemic period and predicted future activities of BTS. Suga said, “I remember February 25, 2020 exactly,” adding, “It was a shocking day for me. I saw the schedule canceled in real time in front of my eyes. “As the pandemic came, the tour was canceled and I felt a lot of helplessness,” he confessed. RM also looked back at the time of the tour cancellation and said, “I couldn’t believe it then. It was a phase of denial. (later) I threw the pillow alone,” he recalled.

BTS plans to enlist sequentially, starting with his eldest brother Jin, to fulfill his national defense obligations. Earlier, Big Hit Music, its agency, said, “We hope to resume the full BTS activities in 2025, but it is difficult to specify the exact timing at this time.”

RM said, “It will be right after I was discharged from the military in 2025, and if I return to society as soon as possible, shouldn’t I prepare something like doing the following work or doing it for me before the members return?”

In response, Suga said, “One of the things I’ve been struggling with since I was young was to be afraid of the future,” adding, “I think I should prepare for some moments I haven’t seen.” It was in 2020 that I decided to think less about the future and focus on the present. As a result, he took a cautious stance, saying, “I can’t say what I’m going to do in 2025.

RM said, “I hope we can get together as a whole in 2025 and carry out our activities as a whole,” adding, “I thought we could do something then because most of the members will return and the monumental narrative of ‘Hwayangyeonhwa’ is the 10th anniversary.” “I will try to keep them well,” he expressed his hope.

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