BTS V, full of charms…Cute and unexpected charms.

BTS V, full of charms…Cute and unexpected charms.


BTS (BTS) V was selected as the No. 1 male idol as cute as glutinous rice cake, showing off his popularity with unexpected charm.

In the questionnaire “Who is a boy idol as cute as a soft sticky rice cake?” conducted by the idol community “My favorite idol” from January 29 to February 5, V topped the list with 20,193 votes.

BTS V is attracting fans around the world with his splendid appearance and charisma on stage, but he is also loved by fans for his pure and cute unexpected charm off stage.

Soompi, an American entertainment media outlet, also highlighted V’s unexpected charm by comparing videos of V’s professional and charismatic appearance on stage and his lovely and cute appearance in contrast.

BTS Yoon Sung-sik, the producer of the drama “Hwarang” starring V, said at the production presentation, “I cast Kim Tae-hyung (V’s real name) for the last time, and I fell in love with him at the first meeting because he was so cute.”

BTS V has shown his affinity to the staff around him with his natural cuteness, such as running to the manager and cutting the director’s knee and monitoring.

At the “2018 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards” event, Lee Soon-jae, a senior in the entertainment industry, was seen holding hands tightly with his arms crossed with his face, giving him laughter and warmth at the same time.

Vogue Korea said fans cherish and love V’s innocence, which likes animals and children and gives them an innocent smile.

In the second teaser video of tvN’s “Seojin’s” released not long ago, a new intern V sitting with a focusless eye was captured, drawing a response that he was cute.

Fans say, “You’re handsome, but if you’re cute, you’ll collapse.” “V seems to have a thousand faces.” There are charisma, sexiness, cuteness, and innocence,” he said.

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