BvGirl Yoojung 1/N Appeal to Settlement System Reunion

BvGirl Yoojung 1/N Appeal to Settlement System Reunion Hesitated Confession


Brave Girls, the main character of the reverse driving myth, announces a new start from SBS’s “Strong Heart League” to “Bve Girl.”

The “Strong Heart League,” which will air on the 13th (Tuesday), will feature the entire BvGirl (former Brave Girls), who has become a national star four years later with the 2017 release song “Rollin.” The official first appearance under the new team name at the new agency is “Strong Heart League,” which made the studio laugh by showing individual combat greetings in offbeat because it was the first time for BvGirl to greet.

Bvgirl confessed that she had decided to disband even at the opportunity given again due to the reverse driving, causing the studio to stir. Lee Ji-hye, a senior singer who had a similar experience, gave a sympathetic and refreshing answer at the same time. In particular, member Yoo-jung mentioned an anecdote that challenged the 1/N settlement system and surprised everyone by honestly revealing the members’ reactions. In addition, it is known that the recording revealed the settlement money obtained from the popularity of the reverse song “Rollin,” raising expectations.

Meanwhile, leader Min-young first confessed his feelings for the members who thought of disbanding, saying, “This is the first time I tell you here.” In addition, Yoo-jung surprised everyone by revealing that it was Yoo-jung who thought about reuniting until the end. In response, Yoo-jung revealed why she hesitated to return to the team and showed tears by sharing her inner feelings that she had never told the members.

The “Strong Heart League,” which returned more “hot” and “hip” from the behind-the-scenes story of the reunion that cannot be heard anywhere to the rollin stage that is indispensable for BvGirl, will air on SBS at 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday, the 13th

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