Canon Ball My homeroom teacher’s brother killed my brother.

<Canon Ball> My homeroom teacher’s brother killed my brother.

Canon Ball

[Preview] Canon Ball

When a family is killed by someone, what would the family feel and what would they think? And if your family kills someone and you’re in prison, what’s the mood and position of the people left behind?

It’s such a cruel and terrible question, but the film delicately follows the psychology of those standing on opposite sides. It’s the movie Canon Ball. The film’s online press preview, which is scheduled to be released on the 25th, was held on the afternoon of the 18th.

Hyun-woo (played by Kim Hyun-mok) who lost his sentence due to a gun accident in the unit. Hyun-woo finds out that the perpetrator of the case is the brother of his homeroom teacher, Yeon-jeong (played by Kim Hae-na). Yeonjung does not easily accept the fact that her younger brother is the culprit of the case, and waits for the incident to calm down as soon as possible, and Hyun-woo visits Yeonjung, tells all the facts, and makes an unknown suggestion to go to the sea together.

The storyline of “Canon Ball” is literally a shell-like movie. There is a compressed anxiety that seems to end everything with just a little force from the fingertips. The setting that the killer’s sister and the victim’s brother are in one classroom itself stimulates intense curiosity.

However, this anxious curiosity intensifies as the movie progresses. Why does Hyun-woo ask Yeon-jung, the elder sister and homeroom teacher of the perpetrator, to go to the sea? Such an unexpected ironic setting raises the audience’s curiosity and increases their immersion level.

The two eventually reached the sea. This is all it looks like. Two people go to the sea, but under this outward journey, big emotions swirl like icebergs underwater. In the end, this movie reveals a heavy message that people understand people.

The harmony between Kim Hyun-mok as Hyun-woo and Kim Hae-na as Yeon-jung is also a point to watch. In the midst of anxiety, the quiet but seething breath of the two was simply a silent outcry. So I was more nervous in the middle of silence.안전놀이터

Kim Hyun-mok is a scene stealer who appeared in the drama “Start-Up”, “Hush”, and “Nabilera”, and Kim Hae-na is a well-loved actor in the independent film industry such as “Boy Walking the Wave”. The feelings of the two people exchange come and go through the questions they ask each other. Although Hyun-woo usually asks Yeon-jung questions, their conversation, which leads to such unilateral communication, makes the two people in the extremes understand.

While many emotions, such as hate, anger, and guilt, lead the film, ask the audience the question of how far humans can understand humans, how far they can understand humans, and how they can understand them, giving them deep thoughts. This idea is a subtle consolation.

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