Jo Bo-ah

Jo Bo-ah Ro-woon’s unexpected ambush for the small screen

Jo Bo-ah Ro-woon’s unexpected ambush for the small screen

Jo Bo-ah

It’s a rebellion of the “weakest’. Actors Jo Bo-ah and Ro-woon have emerged as an ambush for fierce competition in the small screen as they have gained unexpected global popularity with JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “This Love Is Force Majeure.” Unlike the lukewarm domestic response, the drama is drawing attention from overseas first.

They are portraying fantasy romance by playing the roles of public officials and legal advisors belonging to the city hall, respectively. Jo Bo-ah accidentally has a mysterious magic book and uses “affectionate magic” to make love out of curiosity, and Ro-woon, a rival, is enchanted and likes Jo Bo-ah. At the same time, Cho Bo-ah’s favorite policy adviser, Ha-joon, and Ro-woon’s ex-girlfriend, Yura, form a blind relationship.

The drama has been considered the weakest in the small screen as top stars such as Disney+ “Moving” and Netflix “Mask Girl” have recently poured out on OTT (Online Video Service). SBS’s Thursday drama “People’s Death Penalty Vote,” which airs at a similar time, has rarely shown its presence, hovering around the 2% range for the second week of broadcasting, preoccupying viewers’ attention.

However, it achieved results first on the global chart. This is due to the accumulation of overseas fandom through Netflix, which is released at the same time as the broadcast. Since its first broadcast on August 23, it has consistently ranked in the top 10 in the “Netflix Top Show” category of the OTT ranking website Flixpatrol, and was the only Korean drama to rank seventh on the 10th. In addition, Netflix ranked third in the “Global Top 10” non-English TV show category, which was announced by counting viewing hours from August 28 to September 3.

Overseas viewers are showing interest in Jo Bo-ah’s lovely charm and Rowoon’s comic transformation. This is because Ro-woon, who was possessed by witchcraft, made absurd confessions to Jo Bo-ah in a calm tone, such as “When I see you, I’m so happy,” and “Is a heart shooting from my eyes?” and Jo Bo-ah runs away with disgust.

Curiosity toward Jo Bo-ah and Ro-woon, who previously succeeded in global hits with tvN’s “Nine Tailed Fox” and KBS 2TV’s “Love,” respectively, also became the driving force behind their popularity. IMDb, a U.S. content review site, received favorable reviews for its main characters, such as “Ro Woon leads the mystery and comedy well about the curse of the family” and “The main characters are more lovely than expected.”

As such overseas performances became a hot topic among domestic viewers, it was an opportunity to raise the awareness of the drama. In the real-time comment box, there were also a series of comments from viewers, saying, “I started watching it because I was curious because there were many overseas fans.”


Will IU’s concert movies sweep the theater

Will IU’s concert movies sweep the theater


Singer IU’s first live performance film “IU Concert: The Golden Hour,” which marks the 15th anniversary of her debut this year, has topped the overall box office reservation rate, heralding a box office hit.

IU Concert: The Golden Hour, which has consistently maintained its No. 1 reservation rate on the CGV Movie Chart, has topped the overall box office reservation rate, signaling a green light for the box office. IU Concert: The Golden Hour is the first live performance film to be released in theaters to commemorate the 15th anniversary of artist IU’s debut, and it features the Golden Hour, which filled the Olympic Main Stadium with beautiful songs and fantastic stage productions.

It is a theater version of IU’s two-day concert “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun,” which was held on September 17 and 18, 2022, and became the first Korean female singer to enter the Olympic Main Stadium and attracted nearly 90,000 audiences for two days.

IU Concert: The Golden Hour, which will be released in theaters on the 13th, has booked the first place in the CGV’s box office, including “Oppenheimer,” a masterpiece that has attracted more than 550,000 viewers since its release, actors Jung Yu-mi and Lee Sun-kyun, and Agatha Christie’s novel “Halloween party.”

This proves that not only the official fan club “Uaena” but also the general public are showing keen interest in IU. In particular, abundant entertainment, such as “Ike Screening” to commemorate the 15th anniversary of artist IU’s debut, special events by format, and theater photo zones, stimulates both the needs of fans and the public who were unable to attend the concert 광주호빠


BTS Jungkook was just an adult smoking

BTS Jungkook was just an adult smoking


Jungkook, a member of the group BTS (BTS), has unintentionally been at the center of the debate due to the smoking paparazzi video.

Recently, a video was posted online showing Jungkook smoking on the streets of California, USA. Jungkook left for the U.S. via Incheon International Airport on Sept. 5 to meet his local schedule.

The released video is not a video taken with the consent of Jungkook, but a local paparazzi video. Jungkook was seen smoking with an acquaintance near the restaurant.

After the video was released, some spread groundless rumors that Jungkook smoked a non-smoking area and left his cigarette butts on the floor. However, according to the results of a fan’s phone call with a local restaurant and local law, the place where Jungkook stayed is a smoking area. It is known that Jungkook did not throw cigarette but threw cigarette ash on the floor.

There were also some netizens who complained about smoking on the street. However, Jungkook was born in 1997 and is a 27-year-old adult this year.

Meanwhile, Jungkook released his English solo digital single “Seven” (Seven) on July 14 and topped various domestic and foreign music charts.

Upon its release, “Seven” entered the U.S. Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” (July 29). It ranked third on the UK’s official single chart “Top 100,” breaking the highest debut ranking of Korean solo artists.

Jungkook created a global “Seven” syndrome by ranking third in “Most Streamed Songs This Summer” released by Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming company, “Weekly Top Song Global” for seven consecutive weeks, and “Daily Top Song Global” for more than 50 days.

Jungkook was nominated for the Song of Summer category for “Seven” at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on the 12th.

Jungkook will be the first Korean solo artist to headliner on the stage of the 2023 Global Citizen Festival at Central Park in New York on the 23rd.

Kang Hye-jung

Kang Hye-jung transforms into an essay writer after

Kang Hye-jung transforms into an essay writer after a six-year hiatus

Kang Hye-jung

Actor Kang Hye-jung has returned as a writer after a six-year hiatus.

On the morning of August 21, Kang Hye-jung held a meeting to commemorate the publication of the essay “Hopefully Half Crazy and Half Happy” somewhere in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

“Half Crazy and Half Happy” is actor Kang Hye-jung’s first essay, which frankly reveals the inner aspects of life she has kept as a “human Kang Hye-jung” rather than an “actor Kang Hye-jung” known to the public

On this day, Kang Hye-jung said, “I’m very nervous because it’s my first time as a writer, and I dare to think, ‘Can I sit here and talk?’ but I’m actually looking forward to it. I wonder what you think and what you will feel after reading this book,” he said.

Regarding “Half crazy and half happy,” he said, “At first, I wrote it like a diary, but it became a book as it piled up one by one.” It’s a piece of work that weaves the speech bubble inside me. It’s a piece of writing that’s floating in my head, so I don’t have any special intention or anything I want to force. However, I would be happy if there was even one reader who felt, “I’m not the only one left alone” or “It’s a book that comforts me.”

Earlier, Tablo revealed the process of Kang Hye-jung’s book publication on her social media. The manuscript of Tablo’s autobiography “Blonot 2” was rejected, but Kang Hye-jung’s comfortable writing like a diary received a positive response from the publisher.

Kang Hye-jung said, “At first, I had no intention of publishing it as a book. Personally, as my child grew up, I had a lot of time to spare, so I thought it would be simple and better to write what I wanted to say than to meet someone and talk to them,” he confessed.

“I needed someone to read it because I was writing with a certain amount of content. I showed it to my husband and he cheered me on to write a book. I sent it to my husband as if I was confirmed every time I wrote it, and I showed it to the publisher’s representative during the U.S. At that time, I thought, “My writing faced a second reader.” “I was excited and at a loss, but I came this far,” he added

When asked about her usual writing routine, Kang Hye-jung said, “I usually write well when I’m spacing out or walking on the street without doing anything, and when I’m driving.” A non-busy state of mind is best for writing or thinking creatively. Rather than being busy, don’t they say that you have to leave them bored to be creative. I wrote on my cell phone as if I was writing a text message whenever I wanted to talk. I really didn’t know it would come out in a book like this,” he said.

How will the family react. Kang Hye-jung said, “First of all, let’s leave Hye-jung alone.” Strangely, I have a lot of work to do when I’m at home. As a housewife, mother, and Kang Hye-jung, I had no time to rest because of the mixed work, but I was semi-forced to go abroad to fill in the shortcomings. My family has supported me a lot so far. “My husband also expressed his gratitude for respecting me for publishing the book.”

Kang Hye-jung has had a six-year hiatus since the drama “Jugglers,” which ended in 2018. Regarding the activity plan, “If I meet good works and have an opportunity, I have no intention of not doing work.” “I’m waiting to do what I want to do,” he said adding, “I don’t have any particular work I want to meet, but if I meet a work that stimulates me to be hooked and achieve something, I’ll boldly jump in.”

Kim Tae-ri's

Kim Tae-ri’s sophisticated fall mood emotional traveler transformation

Kim Tae-ri’s sophisticated fall mood emotional traveler transformation

Kim Tae-ri's

A sophisticated and trendy autumn pictorial recording actor Kim Tae-ri’s trip has been released.

On the 21st, a free and natural contemporary brand unveiled a photo shoot for the 2023 autumn campaign with the brand’s muse Kim Tae-ri.

The theme of this autumn campaign is “ROUTE66 Syndrome,” which features Kim Tae-ri’s road trip along Route 66, a Santa Monica route in Los Angeles that has also served as the stage for many movies and music videos. It features the brand’s own sensibility through a background like a still cut in the movie, such as a sensuous hotel, a retro car, and an American road side dining that you met while driving a retro car.

Kim’s trip, which is set in the city and nature from Santa Monica in Los Angeles to New York, has developed into a storytelling that shows “her travel story” with urban yet free fashion shown through color or black-and-white images.

Kim Tae-ri’s travel look, which turned into an emotional traveler in this campaign, is also eye-catching. Kim Tae-ri used a romantic dress with a sensuous flower pattern containing brand identity, a soft Bohemian mood jacket, and a chic and casual aviator jumper to create a casual yet emotional look


The controversial Myeongnyang Battle Festival eventually canceled

The controversial Myeongnyang Battle Festival eventually canceled Tanaka’s appearance


Yukio Tanaka (Gagman Kim Kyung-wook) was cast as a guest at the 2023 Myeongnyang Battle Festival, and the organizers canceled his appearance after controversy arose.

On the 18th, the Myeongnyang Grand Battle Festival Promotion Committee announced that Yukio Tanaka’s celebration show will be held on the 8th of next month at the Myeongnyang Stage of Haenam Usuyeong Tourist Site. Tanaka was an employee of a Japanese entertainment establishment, but he has a concept that he is active in Korea due to his lack of popularity in Korea.

When the news became known, netizens criticized it as inappropriate for a Japanese-style celebrity to be invited as a guest to a festival in honor of the spirit of patriotism.

In addition, the festival promotion committee said in a post, “Myungryang! He also pointed out the use of Korean notation using the Japanese pronunciation of “Because we are ready to enjoy together at the celebratory show” and the addition of the hashtag “Moemoemoemo”

As the controversy grew, the chairman of the festival’s executive committee apologized in an official statement on the 20th, saying, “I apologize for causing concern to many people for the festival that should be fun and pleasant 광주호빠

He also explained, “During Tanaka’s recent character activities, he described the musical ‘Hero’ and the movie ‘Hansan: Dragon’ as a ‘horror movie’ and expressed his fear of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, and recognized Dokdo as a Korean language as a sub-character.”

Currently, all promotional materials posted on the official website and social network are closed to the public. Haenam-gun said, “It is to revive the original purpose and meaning of the festival in accordance with the opinion that the Tanaka character setting does not fit the festival.””I decided to cancel my appearance as Naka,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Myeongnyang Battle Festival is a national historical and cultural festival commemorating the Battle of Myeongnyang, where Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s Joseon naval forces and fishermen in Jeolla-do defeated the Japanese naval forces at Uldolmok on September 16, 1597. This year it will be held from the 8th to the 10th of next month


Asi Durian’s new work fell to 3% range as if it was

Asi Durian’s new work fell to 3% range as if it was the last stop for homosexuality


Is it possible that the high-flying homosexuality can’t be helped. The ratings of “Asi Durian” have fallen to around 3%.

On the 24th, TV Chosun’s “Asi Durian” (written by Lim Sung-han/directed by Shin Woo-chul and Jung Yeo-jin) was unveiled. “Asi Durian” is a new work by writer Lim Sung-han, the master of the drama, and was expected even before the first broadcast.

Starring Park Joo-mi, Choi Myung-gil, and Kim Min-joon, “Asi Durian” is a fantasy melodrama in which two women from the Yangban family of the Joseon Dynasty become entangled with the current men in 2023 through time travel. It is the first fantasy melodrama that writer Lim Sung-han is challenging, raising curiosity.

From the first broadcast, “Ashi Durian” was unconventional. Durian (Park Joo-mi) and her daughter-in-law Kim So-je (Lee Da-yeon) time-slip from the Joseon Dynasty to the Dan family in 2023, while Jang Se-mi (Yoon Hae-young), the first daughter-in-law of the Dan family, suddenly confessed to her mother-in-law Baek Do-yi (Choi Myung-gil).

In addition, the relationship between the characters of the Dan family, where Durian went, was also complicated. Danchigang (former old Min), his father in his previous life, was reborn as Baek Doi’s first son. Dolsoe, whom Durian loved, became the second son Danchigam (played by Kim Min-joon), and Danchigam (played by Ji Young-san), who was Durian’s husband, was reborn as the third son. Dandongmyeong (played by Yoo Jeong-hoo), the son of Durian, also appeared as Baek Do-yi’s grandson and became entangled.

Expectations were high, signaling that the relationship between Durian and the Dan family would become entangled, but the results were not good. “Asi Durian,” which started with a 4.2% rating for the first broadcast, fell 0.8%p to 3.4% in the second episode. It fell to the 3% level in the first inning.

It is Lim Sung-han’s new work, and it is certainly a disappointing performance that it recorded a 3% viewer rating. Lim Sung-han’s previous work, “Marriage Composer Divorce Composition,” which recorded the highest ratings in TV Chosun’s history, has recorded high ratings since season 1. At that time, the first broadcast of season 1 of “Marriage Composer Divorce Composition” was 6.9%, and it steadily rose to a maximum of 9.7%.

Since then, it has recorded the highest viewer rating of 16.6% in season 2 of “Marriage Composer Divorce Composition,” and season 3 has also maintained a viewer rating of 10.4%, showing Lim Sung-han’s potential. Compared to the reputation of the previous work, it is regrettable that “Asi Durian” started with a 4.2% rating and fell to the 3% range.

While Lim Sung-han’s new work is divided against expectations, attention is focused on whether he will overcome the pain of the first week’s ratings and show his potential once again

Hwang Jeong-eum

Hwang Jeong-eum’s husband Lee Young-don who rarely

Hwang Jeong-eum’s husband Lee Young-don who rarely showed in the past, is a harmonious family that has overcome the crisis of bankruptcy

Hwang Jeong-eum

Actor Hwang Jung-eum went on an outing with her husband and sons.

On the 26th, Hwang Jung-eum held his sons’ hands and had a good time for the weekend.

Hwang Jeong-eum was accompanied by her husband, Lee Young-don, and all four families gathered together to create warmth

In particular, Hwang Jung-eum and his wife, who overcame the crisis of breaking up in the past and reconciled with each other again, are drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum married Lee Young-don, a professional golfer-turned-businessman, in 2016 and has two sons. He will appear in SBS’s new drama “The Escape of Seven,” which will premiere in September


BvGirl Yoojung 1/N Appeal to Settlement System Reunion

BvGirl Yoojung 1/N Appeal to Settlement System Reunion Hesitated Confession


Brave Girls, the main character of the reverse driving myth, announces a new start from SBS’s “Strong Heart League” to “Bve Girl.”

The “Strong Heart League,” which will air on the 13th (Tuesday), will feature the entire BvGirl (former Brave Girls), who has become a national star four years later with the 2017 release song “Rollin.” The official first appearance under the new team name at the new agency is “Strong Heart League,” which made the studio laugh by showing individual combat greetings in offbeat because it was the first time for BvGirl to greet.

Bvgirl confessed that she had decided to disband even at the opportunity given again due to the reverse driving, causing the studio to stir. Lee Ji-hye, a senior singer who had a similar experience, gave a sympathetic and refreshing answer at the same time. In particular, member Yoo-jung mentioned an anecdote that challenged the 1/N settlement system and surprised everyone by honestly revealing the members’ reactions. In addition, it is known that the recording revealed the settlement money obtained from the popularity of the reverse song “Rollin,” raising expectations.

Meanwhile, leader Min-young first confessed his feelings for the members who thought of disbanding, saying, “This is the first time I tell you here.” In addition, Yoo-jung surprised everyone by revealing that it was Yoo-jung who thought about reuniting until the end. In response, Yoo-jung revealed why she hesitated to return to the team and showed tears by sharing her inner feelings that she had never told the members.

The “Strong Heart League,” which returned more “hot” and “hip” from the behind-the-scenes story of the reunion that cannot be heard anywhere to the rollin stage that is indispensable for BvGirl, will air on SBS at 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday, the 13th


The U.S. composer appealed directly to the Supreme

The U.S. composer appealed directly to the Supreme Court in the end


The copyright infringement lawsuit of the popular children’s song “Shark Family” (Baby Shark), which lasted for more than four years, eventually goes to the Supreme Court.

According to Star News coverage, U.S. composer Jonathan Robert Wright (Johnny Only), who has claimed copyright infringement of the Shark Family, filed an appeal on the 9th against the appeal ruling on May 19th.

Earlier, the 8-1 Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Central District Court (Appeal) dismissed the plaintiff’s appeal after Jonathan Robert Wright held an appeal date against Smart Study (currently The Pink Pong Company).

Jonathan Robert Wright filed a lawsuit against SmartStudy in March 2019 to compensate for copyright infringement damages. Johnny Only claims that “The Shark Family” plagiarized the second work “Baby Shark” remade in 2011 by giving its own characteristics to word-of-mouth children’s songs, while Smart Study refuted that it was a remake of a long-lost children’s song in North America, not Johnny Only’s “Baby Shark.”

Johnny Only’s side did not even accept the second trial’s ruling following the first trial’s ruling against the plaintiff.

“Shark Family” is a children’s song released by Smart Study through Pinkfong, an early childhood education content, in 2015. It gained popularity with repetitive and easy lyrics and an addictive chorus called “tururu-tururu.”

In particular, the song’s English title “Baby Shark” ranked 32nd on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time as a Korean children’s song, and fans of the Washington Nationals, the winner of the 2019 Major League World Series, also cheered for the team and sang “Baby Shark” as a group.

In addition, “Shark Family” entered the UK’s official single chart in August 2018 and recorded 12 billion views on YouTube, ranking 27th in the world’s most watched YouTube video at the time. In particular, “Shark Family” ranked eighth in November 2022 with more than 200 million views on the top 200 most streaming rankings released by the British official chart to mark the 70th anniversary of its launch