There’s a prequel for Seul’s student Mido and Parasol’s

There’s a prequel for Seul’s student Mido and Parasol’s college days


tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” goes back to the past.

As a result of exclusive coverage of Star News on the 1st, it was confirmed that PD Shin Won-ho will participate as a creator of the prequel series of “Hospital Playlist.”

This work will be held by a director other than PD Shin Won-ho, who directed “Hospital Playlist.” The content depicts the college days of the band “Midowa Parasol,” which was formed by Lee Ik-joon, Chae Song-hwa, Kim Joon-wan, Ahn Jung-won and Yang Seok-hyung in the drama. Remembering the days about 20 years ago before they became doctors.

During the main broadcast of “Hospital Playlist,” the five members played college students through makeup, but this work does not feature existing protagonists Cho Jung-seok, Jeon Mi-do, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Yeon-seok, and Kim Dae-myung as the main background of the times is the past. However, the character name is the same.

It is the first time for a drama with an adult actor as the main character to produce a new work in a youth version after the end of the drama, so viewers’ reactions are also expected to be hot.

Currently, Shin Won-ho’s division is conducting auditions for actor designation like the “Wise” and “Reply” series. This is Shin Won-ho’s own audition method, in which only actors participate without staff, and free acting is performed without any explanation of the script and role. Shin Won-ho’s division is currently in the midst of casting, focusing on new actors.

“Hospital Playlist” is a “Hospital Playlist” medical series by PD Shin Won-ho, which began in March 2020, and tells the story of five medical school colleagues in 1999 who can be seen just by looking at their eyes.

In particular, the first episode of Season 2 of “Hospital Playlist,” which ended in September 2021, recorded an average audience rating of 10% and a maximum of 12.4%, ranking first in tvN’s history at the time

Shin Hye-sun's

I want to try Shin Hye-sun’s villain role like a bomb head

I want to try Shin Hye-sun’s villain role like a bomb head

Shin Hye-sun's

Shin Hye-sun mentioned the character she wanted to challenge.

On the 1st, Magazine First Look released a pictorial with actress Shin Hye-sun.

This pictorial sensibly and chicly captures Shin Hye-sun’s various charms, including her fresh and bright smile and proud eyes.

In particular, Shin Hye-sun showed off her aspect as a pictorial master by perfectly performing stylish costumes such as unbalanced hairstyles and tube-top dresses that reveal shoulder lines and jewelry styling that fits the mood.

In an interview that followed after the photoshoot, when asked that he had debuted for 10 years this year but showed various characters in various genres while working, he said, “I tend to choose the one I like. Sometimes I regret the consequences of my choice, but I don’t know. “There are times when I simply want to pull it,” he said. “When I collect the characters I chose like that, there are quite a variety of characters and there are variations in their personalities.” Next time, I want to play an unconventional role. It’s good to play a vicious villain or turn it upside down in style. For example, I think a bright red hair or bomb hair would be fun,” he confessed.

Meanwhile, Shin Hye-sun is planning to make a comeback to the small screen with tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Please Take Care of This Life.” “Please Take Care of Me in This Life” is a reckless reincarnation romance that takes place while visiting “Seo Moon-ha,” where the 19th “Ring Ring” in his life remembers his past life

Lee Nayoung

Lee Nayoung 25,000 won Should I sell out eye cream

Lee Nayoung 25,000 won Should I sell out eye cream I put on a few skin tips

Lee Nayoung

Actress Lee Na-young cited eye cream as her usual secret to skin care.

Lee Na-young introduced her favorite item in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel Vogue Korea on May 31. Lee Na-young, who usually prefers mini bags, introduced the items she carries often.

Especially for skin care, Lee Na-young always has eye cream, oil, and moisturizing cream.

Among them, about eye cream, “I buy a few of these and put them close to me and use them.” I put it in the car and put one in my pocket. Just open it and put it on. So I wrote it comfortably

“I went on a trip with my stylist and I kept using this, so I told her to wash her hands and use it.” If you use it so much (washing your hands), you can’t use it well,” he said with a smile. “This is a product that I am using closely,” he explained.

Lee Na-young’s favorite item, eye cream, is a product of small and medium-sized companies in Korea, and is sold for 250,000 won in 10 packs on the official website

Jung Yong-hwa

BLACKPINK’s fan Angela Baby avoids Jung Yong-hwa

BLACKPINK’s fan Angela Baby avoids Jung Yong-hwa

Jung Yong-hwa

China’s anti-Korean sentiment is strong. Angela Baby, former WJSN Cheng Xiao, and Koo Joon-yeop’s sister-in-law Seo Hee-je are being criticized for being on the blacklist of Chinese netizens for going to a BLACKPINK concert.

Black Pink’s world tour was held in Macau for two days on the 20th and 21st. Angela Baby, well-known as a fan of BLACKPINK, showed her fan spirit by attending a concert in Macau following a concert in Hong Kong in January.

However, Angela Baby had to be criticized as a traitor for attending BLACKPINK’s concert. Referring to the situation between China and Korea, Chinese netizens criticized, “Can a Chinese actor go to a Korean girl group concert?”

In addition, Cheng Xiao, who served as a member of WJSN, has been criticized and criticized over and over again for being seen visiting BLACKPINK’s concert in a wheelchair. Chinese netizens’ anti-Korean sentiment was attributed to South Korea’s tightening of quarantine regulations at the time, including mandatory COVID-19 PCR tests for inbound travelers from China.

Finally, Chinese netizens are continuing their overheated atmosphere by distributing blacklis and declaring a boycott by “finding celebrities who visited BLACKPINK’s concert.”

In addition, Chinese netizens recently accused Jung Yong-hwa of appearing on the new audition program “Struggle Freshman Class 1” of the Chinese video platform “Aichi.”

On the 10th, Jung Yong-hwa announced on her SNS that she had left for China by writing, “It’s been so long since I went to Beijing.” In fact, Jung Yong-hwa finished recording until the second round, but her appearance was canceled due to complaints from several Chinese. One netizen said, “As a result of investigating Aichi, the information on Jung Yong-hwa’s Beijing recording entertainment program is not true, and Jung Yong-hwa will not be used as a guest in the follow-up of the program.” “We will continue to strengthen the management of program guests to manage the number of people and contents well,” he said, revealing the answer he received from the Radio TV Bureau in Beijing.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will hold a world tour concert at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan, on June 3 and 4

Song Joong Ki

Please take a lot of pictures of Song Joong Ki’s first official

Please take a lot of pictures of Song Joong Ki’s first official appearance with KT

Song Joong Ki

Actor Song Joong-ki makes his first public appearance with his wife Katie.

Song Joong-ki will enter Cannes for the first time in 15 years after his debut with the movie “Hwaran.” The film was invited to the 76th Cannes International Film Festival’s “Notable Eyes” section and will be screened as a world premiere on the 24th (local time).

Song Joong-ki held a domestic media interview at a hotel in downtown Cannes, France, on the 23rd, the day before the premiere. In an interview, Song Joong-ki said he came to Cannes with his wife Katie, and Katie also said she would attend the premiere of “Hwaran.” Katie, a former actress, is nine months pregnant, but she accompanied her husband to Cannes to support him.

Song Joong-ki said, “The wife is now retired, but she came to the Cannes Film Festival a lot when she was active.” Since it was my first time, I was not familiar with the location of the theater, so he explained it to me while looking at the map. They told me a lot about the culture of this industry. “I was able to get a lot of advice from my senior’s point of view, including interviews and parties,” he said, boasting from his wife, who was an actor, that he was getting a lot of help in Cannes

Also, Song Joong-ki said, “Foreign countries have a different culture of pregnant women. He said, “Walk, walk, and exercise a lot,” and added, “The Cannes Film Festival is important, but in fact, all my attention has gone there (the health of the baby and Katie). “I have to take care of my wife in the middle of the movie promotion schedule and after all of them,” he said, expressing his affection for his wife, who is about a month away from giving birth.

Song Joong-ki then said, “I’m going to the official preview of ‘Hwaran’ with my wife tomorrow. It’s very overwhelming, and I think so. “I hope (the reporters) take a lot of pictures,” he said, drawing attention. Earlier, Song Joong-ki was seen leaving the country with Katie or enjoying a date abroad, but it is actually the first time that he has attended an official event together

The movie “Hwaran” is an action noir film about Yeon-kyu (Hong Sa-bin), a boy who wants to get out of the hellish reality, meeting Chi-gun (Song Joong-ki), the middle boss of the organization, and joining the dangerous world. Song Joong-ki, who plays the role of Chi-gun, drew attention by signaling a new unconventional transformation with a strong character that he has not seen before. “Hwaran” will be released in theaters this year after its first release at the Cannes Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki announced on his fan cafe in January that he was married and pregnant with Katie Lewis Sounders, a British actor who was one year older


Girls’ Generation members who went to Disneyland look so excited

Girls’ Generation members who went to Disneyland look so excited


Group Girls’ Generation and actress Yuri enjoyed swimming and traveling with Tiffany Young.

Yuri posted several photos of her visit to Disneyland LA on the 11th.

In the picture, Yuri is enjoying the theme park with members Sooyoung and Tiffany Young, putting arms around each other’s shoulders and smiling brightly. Hyoyeon also left a comment saying, “You look very excited” to see Yuri spending a good time wearing a hat and posing with balloons at a goods store

Yuri, Suyeong, and Tiffany Young drew attention by revealing their recent travel to the U.S. together. In particular, Yuri and Suyeong were also heartwarming with the news that they participated in overseas movement volunteer work for abandoned dogs while traveling to the U.S.

Meanwhile, they released their seventh full-length album “FOREVER 1” in August last year to mark the 15th anniversary of Girls’ Generation, which they belong to, and carried out full-scale activities.

It is currently active in private activities. Yuri is starring in tvN’s “Business Genius White Sand Beach,” and Sooyoung will appear in the ENA Monday-Tuesday drama “Namnam,” which is set to premiere in July. Tiffany Young was a judge on JTBC’s survival program “Peak Time,” which recently ended


Hyuna’s see-through volume Her ribs in her body

Hyuna’s see-through volume Her ribs in her body


Singer Hyun-ah is showing off her unconventional costumes day after day.

On the 11th, Hyun-ah pulled off a black see-through outfit. The black see-through outfit, worn over the bikini look, gave it the charm of seeing a black swan.

Hyun-ah, who recently surprised with her under-boop outfit, showed off her golden charm with an exceptional see-through this time.

Hyun-ah, who showed off the body care of an idol sexy singer due to her ribs revealed during the under-boob costume, showed her slim body inside the cisro again this time.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah broke up with singer Dawn in November last year after a six-year public relationship


Bora Deborah Yoo Inna’s dating strategy makes the other person

Bora Deborah Yoo Inna’s dating strategy makes the other person comfortable


Yoo In-na and Yoon Hyun-min mentioned their own dating strategies.

Lifestyle magazine “Singles” says, “Look! In “Deborah,” Yoo In-na, who plays the role of Korea’s top love coach Deborah, and Yoon Hyun-min, who plays Soo-hyuk, who is skeptical about love as a deputy CEO of a publishing company, have released a couple photo. Yoo In-na and Yoon Hyun-min in the released pictorial with a soft smile and comfortable pose, the drama ‘Look! It showed the true chemistry of “Deborah”.

The drama, “Look!” Deborah’ is a love story that begins when the love coach Deborah, who says dating also needs a strategy, and the publishing planner Su-hyuk, who says dating is sincerity, make a love book together

Yoo In-na said that it’s a drama that sympathizes with her relationship concerns, saying, “It’s okay.” “Look! He cited Deborah’s unique viewing point as his charm, and Yoon Hyun-min expressed confidence in the drama, saying, “It deals with various love views, so many people can watch it with excessive immersion.”

What about Yoo In-na and Yoon Hyun-min’s actual dating strategy, not Bora and Su-hyuk. Yoo In-na said that she makes it comfortable to be together in real life without looking for a change in the other person. Yoon Hyun-min also said, “I show my natural self rather than strategy,” adding, “Wouldn’t love be true only when we convey our love for each other’s true self?”

Watch the drama where Yoo In-na and Yoon Hyun-min worked together! Deborah’ is available every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. on the ENA channel. Yoo In-na and Yoon Hyun-min’s chemistry-filled photoshoot can be found in the May issue of Singles and on the “Single Plus” website

Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi Lee Da-in’s wedding return gift with the scent

Lee Seung-gi Lee Da-in’s wedding return gift with the scent of the heart

Lee Seung-gi

Actors Lee Seung-ki and Lee Da-in are known to have presented “vase” as a gift to wedding guests.

On the 23rd, a photo of a return gift received by a person who attended Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in’s wedding as guests was released on the online community.

The guest was presented with a vase at the wedding of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in. The vase is a white-white bottle made by Byun Hoon (Tohoyo) and has a round shape slightly larger than the hand. At the bottom of the vase, the words “Seunggi and Ra-yoon” were written. Lee Da-in’s real name is Lee Ra-yoon. “Irayun” is the second name to be renamed after Lim Yoo-kyung and Lee Ju-hee.

There was also a letter delivered by Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in in the return gift. The letter said, “Thank you for blessing the future of both of us, just as we wish for the flowers in the vase to be in full bloom. I will smoke beautifully with the scent of my heart and live beautifully so that the good scent spreads throughout the world. “Seunggi and Rayoon Dream”

Author Byun Hoon, a potter with 40 years of experience, explained in the return gift guide, “Our traditional natural oil is made by setting soil and ashes, so it is harmless to the human body, and water is set and food is beneficial to the body, slowing damage.” In addition, although it is a small vase, it is a ceramic with low success rate and difficulty in the making process. Flowers last two to three times longer than when they were in regular vases,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-in and Lee Seung-gi married on the 7th at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Yoo Jae-seok, Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Lee Soon-jae attended the wedding as guests

single mother

A happy smile of a single mother raising her son alone

A happy smile of a single mother raising her son alone Time like a dream

single mother

Actress Chae-rim recalled the happy days with her son.

On the 24th, Chae-rim said, “We did this~ A few days ago, it was a dream time…”

Chae-rim looked back on a few years ago when her son was much younger than he is now and was happy, saying it was like a dream.

Chae-rim grabbed her plump cute son’s arm and brightened his surroundings with a clear smile.

Meanwhile, Chaerim is raising her son alone after divorcing Chinese actor Gao Ziqi