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Line Games ‘UNDISEMBER’ Announces Major Change to

Line Games ‘UNDISEMBER’ Announces Major Change to Season Mode in April

Line Games

Line Games’ “UNDISEMBER” will add a season mode on April 27. The growth rate is three times faster, the overall balance of items and runes is adjusted, and convenience is improved, such as expanding inventory. He is determined to reorganize the game with the addition of the season mode. Korean servers will be incorporated into global servers.

‘UNDISEMBER’ is an action RPG released on mobile and PC on January 13, 2022. Immediately after its launch, it was ranked among the top two mobile market sales. And in October 2022, a global version was released in major countries around the world and received a good response. The global version of the PC has also been released on Steam.

Line Games’ “UNDISEMBER” will add a season mode on April 27. The growth rate is three times faster, the overall balance of items and runes is adjusted, and convenience is improved, such as expanding inventory. He is determined to reorganize the game with the addition of the season mode. Korean servers will be incorporated into global servers.

‘UNDISEMBER’ is an action RPG released on mobile and PC on January 13, 2022. Immediately after its launch, it was ranked among the top two mobile market sales. And in October 2022, a global version was released in major countries around the world and received a good response. The global version of the PC has also been released on Steam.

Director Yoo Myung-sang, who leads the development of “UNDISEMBER,” said in a video, “We decided that supplementation is needed to become “UNDISEMBER” that existing and new users can enjoy together.” “As a result of that concern, I decided to add a season mode,” he said.

In the season mode of “UNDISEMBER,” you can enjoy new acts or season contents, and one season is operated every three to four months. The first season begins on April 27. There are also contents that can only be enjoyed in season mode, such as hardcore mode or origin mode. At the end of each season, the character fostered in the season mode is converted into a character in the normal (standard) mode. After switching to a character in the normal mode, the character can be used in the existing normal mode.

Previously purchased warehouses, elements such as pets, and goods such as diamonds and rubies are shared on an account basis, and can be used in both season mode and standard mode. In the case of exchanges, they are operated separately into standard mode exchanges and season mode exchanges.

Character growth rate increases by about three times compared to the previous one.(Applies both normal mode and season mode) And in season mode, the item drop rate is also significantly increased, so that users can feel both “fun of gaining items” and “fun of growing up.” The balance between the equipment and the rune is also adjusted. Director Yoo Myung-sang said, “We expect users to be able to enjoy more diverse play styles.” Convenience is also improved. In particular, the built-in inventory is extended to 300.

In line with the update, Korean servers and global servers will be integrated. Server integration proceeds in the form of Korean servers being incorporated into global servers. Korean users have to link their accounts in this process. Director Yoo Myung-sang said, “We will be able to provide more stable services through server integration.” Previously, the PC version was not released on Korean Steam, but now the PC version is also released on Korean Steam. 파워볼추천

An integrated exchange is also being prepared. The Korea Exchange and the Global Exchange will be integrated, and on the Integrated Exchange, all users around the world will be able to trade items. And many items that were previously unavailable for trading are changed to be available for trading.


According to the game industry on the 2nd

PC/Console Game Star Wars…Foreign products such as “Diablo 4” vs “TL” and “P’s False” made in Korea

NCsoft and Neowiz, ‘TL’ and ‘P’s False’ targeting the global PC/console market
Large-scale overseas works such as Blizzard’s Diablo 4, Bethesda’s Starfield, and Square’s Final Fantasy 16 are pouring out


This year, the game industry predicted a war of PC and console game stars. While domestic game companies such as “TL” and “P’s False” are waiting for masterpieces that have been focused on development, new Super IPs by overseas game companies are also about to be released.

According to the game industry on the 2nd, the new PC and console large-scale releases, which are expected to be released in the first half of this year, are NCsoft’s new MMORPG “THRONE AND LIBERTY” and Neowiz single action game “P’s False.”

NCsoft is focusing on developing TL to target global PC and console markets as it focuses on allowing game users around the world to enjoy it.

Neowiz’s “P’s False” is a “Soullike” genre game that has become more popular overseas than at home. At Europe’s largest game show “Gamescom” last year, it won ▲ the most anticipated PlayStation game ▲ the best action adventure game ▲ the best role-playing game, raising expectations for global box office success.

Nexon is also working on the final hardening ahead of the release of new PC and console products. Nexon is preparing ‘Kartrider: Drift’ on the 12th as a multi-platform such as a console, PC, and mobile. On the 12th, the pre-league will be opened only in PC and mobile environments, and games will be supported on consoles in the future. In addition, the company plans to release ‘First Discendant’, a PC and console of the root shooter genre, this year.

Pearl Abyss, which has emerged as a masterpiece of development as a “black desert,” is also taking a small step toward releasing new PC and console products. It is developing the launch of the open world action adventure game “Red Desert” developed using its own “Black Space Engine” with the goal of the second half of this year.

The shift-up console game “Stella Blade,” which ranked No. 1 in sales of the mobile game Google Play Store with “Goddess of Victory: Nickel” this year, is also considered an expected work. ‘Stella Blade’ will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

In addition, Iron Mace’s “Dark and Darker,” which went viral on Steam last year as an early access (preview) version, is also expected to be a surprise hit. It was called “Middle Ages Tarkov” among users due to its North American and European game sensibilities rather than the sensibilities of domestic game companies.

■ Domestic game companies that are trying to tap into the global market…The goal of surviving in the midst of a new large-scale overseas production

Major domestic game companies, which focused on releasing new products on mobile platforms, are focusing on developing console or PC/console multi-platform games in response to the growing global console market. This is the result of domestic game companies targeting the global market to survive amid the emerging crisis in the game industry along with the COVID-19 pandemic. It plans to secure new intellectual property rights (IP) and focus on expanding existing IPs by releasing PC and console genres.

According to the “2022 Korea Game White Paper” published by the Korea Creative Content Agency on the 30th of last month, the global game market in 2021 is $219.758 billion (about 280 trillion won), up 8.7% from the previous year. Among them, the U.S., Canada, and North America, the largest game market, have a global market share of 24%. Likewise, four European countries, the UK, Germany, France, and Italy, which have long PC console games, account for 17.6%. Japan, where console games are strong, also boasts a 10.3% market share.

According to the Korea Creative Content Agency’s “2022 Survey of Korean Game Users in Overseas Markets,” North America has the longest console game usage time of 3 hours and 16 minutes on weekends. European users also boasted the longest console usage time after North America with 3 hours and 9 minutes.

In order to target countries with a large share of the global game market, domestic game companies have also constantly stepped up efforts to develop new PC and console products. We are ready to reap the fruits of our efforts in earnest this year. However, it is a negative factor that large overseas game companies, which have been quiet so far, are introducing new PC and console products with major IPs.

Blizzard’s action RPG “Diablo 4” has confirmed its release schedule on June 6. Bethesda’s Open World ARPG Bethesda, famous for its “Elder Scroll” and “Fallout” series, is also scheduled to be released in the first half of this year. In addition, “Final Fantasy” IP’s latest work, “Final Fantasy 16,” which has been loved for more than 30 years, is also set to be released on June 22. In addition, the latest famous IP works such as “The Legend of Zelda,” “Assassin Creed,” and “Riza’s Atelier” have been announced to be released.

However, the industry is cautious about the possibility of Korean game companies’ PC and console success. Krafton’s new PC and console horror action “Kalisto Protocol,” which was introduced in December last year, was also expected to be somewhat boring right after its release. According to Metacritic, a North American game rating site, the Metacritic score of the “Calisto Protocol” (average evaluation score of major global webzines) was only 69 points as of that day. Considering that generally well-received games scored more than 75 points, it can be interpreted as a normal game.

At the same time, the industry is giving mixed views on whether Korean game companies will be successful in targeting global PCs and consoles in the announcement of large-scale new games by overseas game companies.

An official from Game Company A said, “Considering the absolute game quality, it is impossible to directly compare new overseas PC and console products that have already secured a fixed fan base for decades and refined IP,” but added, “I think it will be a step for domestic game companies to shine a value on gameplay rather than immediate sales.”

An official from B game company said, “There have not been many cases of domestic PC and console games that have been recognized overseas, but there are also works tailored to global standards such as ‘P’s False’ that are set to be released this year, so there are elements that can be expected in terms of box office success.”


Netmarble ‘Fate Grand Order’, 2023..

Netmarble ‘Fate Grand Order’, 2023 New Year’s campaign will be held


Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced that it will hold the “2023 New Year’s Campaign” from January 1 to 10 of the new year, which will present abundant benefits to users of the mobile RPG “Fate/Grand Order.

Netmarble will give 30 Sung Jung-seok (game goods) only once if you access the game from 4 a.m. on January 1 to 3:59 a.m. on January 4, and will provide a rare item “Holy Grail” when accessing the game on the third day with a login bonus every day.

In addition, various rewards such as Sung Jung-seok and a new command code “Those carrying Taemo” will be given through the “New Year’s Special Panel Mission” event, which will be held until the 10th, and a conceptual certificate to commemorate the “New Year’s Special Panel Mission” will be presented when all panel missions are achieved.

In commemoration of the hosting of the New Year’s campaign, a summons will be made to pick up the “7th Special Five-Star Servant,” including “Five-Star Okita Soji (Ulter) (Ultergo), and the “Confirmed Summon System” will be applied from the new year.

If the system fails to obtain the desired special five-star (SSR) serbunt from the target pickup up to 329 times, it will definitely pay one serbunt to be picked up only once in 330 times. The company explained that the number of summonses is counted individually when several pickups are carried out at the same time, or when the schedule changes every day and the contents of the pick-up change.

Meanwhile, a lucky bag summons will be held until the 10th, which can definitely summon the first 5-star Servant with 15 paid Sung Jung-seok.

In addition, the “Now, Say Goodbye to Kamakura” event will be held from January 6 to 20. This event is a story-type event that leaves as a singularity to solve the problem with a mysterious woman who appeared to be the teacher of “Ushiwakamaru.” Upon completion of this event, you can obtain a ‘4-star Kiichi Hogen’. In commemoration of the event, Netmarble also prepared a pickup summons featuring “five-star Tyranno Kagekiyo (Avenger).”


Netmarble is the first game company to join UNGC…

Netmarble is the first game company to join UNGC…”Strengthening ESG


Netmarble announced on the 26th that it has joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to strengthen the management of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) that meets global standards and practice social responsibility.

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship initiative (autonomous agreement) and is an international agreement launched in New York in 2000 to urge companies to practice social responsibility.

Currently, 20,000 member companies from 162 countries around the world are participating, and member companies must submit and disclose COPs every year to meet the 10 principles of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, which are UNGC’s core values.

Netmarble is the first Korean game company to join UNGC, and plans to internalize the top 10 principles of UN Global Compact, including human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, and share efforts to achieve sustainable management with users, shareholders, and local communities.

In particular, in the area of human rights, efforts will be made to achieve the level of ESG global leading companies.

Yoo Yeon-chul, secretary-general of UNGC Korea Association, said, “UNGC’s 10 principles will play a key role in strengthening the sustainability of member companies,” adding, “We hope Netmarble members will grow into sustainable and responsible companies as UNGC members.”

Microsoft 'Call of Duty'

Microsoft proposes a 10-year contract with ‘Call of Duty’ IP Sony

Microsoft proposes a 10-year contract with ‘Call of Duty’ IP Sony

Microsoft 'Call of Duty'

Microsoft (MS), which is having difficulty acquiring Activision Blizzard due to the brakes of the EU and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is continuously making efforts to normalize transactions. It is said that Sony, a rival company opposed to the merger, has proposed a 10-year contract for the PlayStation (PS) platform of its flagship IP (intellectual property) “Call of Duty.”

This fact was reported by Reuters on the 6th (Korea Standard Time). Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is a merger and acquisition case that various institutions such as the EU and the U.S. FTC are watching. The “Big Deal,” which took place in January, is worth 68.7 billion dollars, the largest in MS’ 46-year history.

Once the acquisition is completed, Microsoft will quickly become the third-largest game company in terms of sales. Accordingly, competitors such as Sony and Google have steadily raised concerns about Microsoft’s monopoly since the announcement. As regulators continued to strengthen their investigation, Microsoft filed a 10-year contract with its rival Sony for its flagship IP “Call of Duty” to cover up the situation.

Call of Duty is an IP that has been loved by FPS users around the world since its first title was released in 2003. Along with Nintendo’s “Mario Series” and “Pokemon Series,” it is considered one of the leading longevity series, and its latest “Modern Warfare 2” is enjoying the most popularity until 2022, recording sales of $800 million (about 1.54 trillion won) in the first week of its release.

Earlier, Microsoft said it would “maintain the existing contract” when it acquired Activision Blizzard, but the remaining contract between “Call of Duty” and PlayStation was only about three years. With it unclear whether the contract will be extended in the future, Sony’s strong concern over Microsoft’s monopoly is behind the offer of the 10-year contract.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft President Brad Smith said, “Sony’s monopoly risk is attributable to the risk of disrupting the supply of PlayStation in ‘Call of Duty’ IP. However, from an economic point of view, it is an unreasonable measure,” he stressed.


“Battleground” Epic Games Store officially launched

“Battleground” Epic Games Store officially launched


Krafton will officially release “Battleground” on the global online game platform Epic Games Store.

Battleground, the representative title of the Battle Royale genre, has continued its service through platforms such as PCs and consoles since it was first released as Steam Early Access in 2017.

Krafton will expand its service channel to the Epic Games Store so that more global users can access the Battleground.

Battlegrounds can be played through the Epic Games Store from the 8th.

Cross-display with steam platform is also possible.

Even before its official launch, you can access “Battlegrounds” at the Epic Games Store.

The Battleground Store page will be opened in advance after the 21.1 live server update on the 6th.

Users can download the game in advance.

“Krafton and PUBG studios are continuing various activities such as expanding platforms and services and updating new maps with the goal of Battlegrounds for All,” said Jang Tae-seok, general producer of PUBG Studio. “We hope that the launch of the Epic Games Store will deliver the original Battlegrounds experience to many users.”


Ubisoft new RTS ‘Setler: New Alliance’

Ubisoft new RTS ‘Setler: New Alliance’


Ubisoft Entertainment announced that it will officially release its real-time strategy game (RTS) ‘The Setlers®: New Allies’ PC version on February 17, 2023.

Setler: The new alliance PC version will be released through the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store, and is currently under development for various console devices, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Setler, under the leadership of Ubisoft Düsseldorf: The new alliance will be developed as Ubisoft’s exclusive snowdrop engine, providing a high sense of game immersion through much fresher graphics and visual and aesthetic production unique to the RTS genre.

Setler: The new alliance offers three game modes: single-user campaign, hard-core mode, and battle mode. First, the single-user campaign begins when Elari, one of the camps in the game, leaves his hometown and settles in a new unknown land. After that, users perform various challenges such as securing resources, establishing settlements, attacking bandits, and discovering new cultures.

In hardcore mode, new scenarios can be played and more powerful AI can be dealt with through various conditions and variables. In hardcore modes that require high adaptability, single and cooperative play is possible, and immersive combat with more emphasis on competitive elements is possible. In Daejeon Mode, up to eight users can enjoy single play, cooperative play, and PvP on 12 maps provided at the same time as the launch.


LPL All-Star Game postponed indefinitely, why?

LPL All-Star Game postponed indefinitely, why?


Is it because of the absence of top-ranked players in the popularity vote? The LPL All-Star Game has officially postponed its opening.

At 11 p.m. on November 30 (Korea Standard Time), LPL announced the postponement of the All-Star Game through its official Weibo.

LPL said, “I’m sorry to announce the postponement of the All-Star Game. I will notify you as soon as the schedule is confirmed. The Rookie-Way team selection ceremony, which was scheduled for 10 p.m. tonight, will also be postponed. I hope you understand.”

The reason was the news of the death of former President Jiang Zemin, who was battling leukemia.

Former President Jiang Zemin, who died at the age of 96, succeeded Mao Zedong (Mo Taek-dong) and Deng Xiaoping (Deng Xiaoping) as China’s top leader and made various efforts to incorporate China into the international situation.

The entry into politics began with the activities of the Communist Party, which he joined as a college student in 1946. After working as a working-level electrical engineer (electric engineering major, Shanghai factory-Soviet auto factory dispatch, etc.), he was appointed as the mayor of Shanghai, which is considered a key position, gradually gaining ground as a politician, not a technician.

After the replacement of Zhao Ziyang, who was a political opponent through the so-called tightrope, he served as the chairman of the military committee and laid the foundation for “G2 China,” including Korea-China diplomatic relations (1992, GDP growth (1989-2003), and WTO accession (2001).

Meanwhile, as a result of the declaration of “National Day of Mourning,” all profile photos and background photos are displayed in black and white on Weibo. Weibo users should not be confused.

Google Play

Google Play selected ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ for this year’s game

Google Play selected ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ for this year’s game

Google Play

Nexon’s “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” was named in the game that shone this year selected by Google Play. Disney Plus was selected as the app that shone this year.

Google Play announced apps and games that shone this year on the 1st. As a result, in the game category, “Pokemon GO” was selected as the best long-lived game that shone this year, and “Lineage W” was selected as the best competitive game that shone this year. Diablo Immortal won two awards: the best story game that shone this year and the best tablet game that shone this year.

Google Play explained that this year, travel and leisure apps due to the release of social distancing along with non-face-to-face and non-contact services were loved due to the prolonged pandemic. “Doctor Now,” which can receive phone treatment and medicine delivery anytime and anywhere, is the best app for good influence this year, and “Class 101,” which allows students to take classes of various contents, was selected as the best app for self-development this year.

“Naver Pay” and “Blue Archive” were selected as popular apps and games that shone this year when users voted for themselves. Among them, “Naver Pay” was also selected as the best app for daily life that shone this year, achieving two awards.

In addition, as social distancing has been eased, outdoor activities have increased, and “Korean Air My” has been named the best in the wear app category that shone this year, and “Jeju Pass” has been named the best hidden jewelry app that shone this year.

Choi Yoon-jung, general manager of Google Play’s Korean partnership, said, “In an environment where the pandemic is prolonged and digital transformation continues, new apps have been selected as apps and games that shine this year more than ever,” adding, “We will try to create a mobile environment that both developers and users can use safely and comfortably.”


AMD “Motherboard with AM5 socket, more scalable than Intel”

AMD “Motherboard with AM5 socket, more scalable than Intel”


AMD lowered the price of the Ryzen 7000 processor last week ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, emphasizing the scalability of the newly introduced AM5 socket from this year.

AMD posted on its official blog last week: ‘Let’s talk about desktop PCs: Is your platform an investment or a liability?’ AMD pointed out in this article that the LGA 1700 socket used by Intel’s 12th and 13th generation core processors has a short lifespan.

However, consumers are still hesitant to buy the Risen 7000 series processors last week due to expensive motherboard prices and DDR5 memory. Demand for new 3D V Cache built-in products, which AMD is planning to unveil in January next year, is also still on standby.

■ AMD “If you buy Intel processors this year, you need to reinvest your motherboard next time”

AMD said, “Those who bought the Risen 31300 processor in 2017 can upgrade to the Risen 75800X3D processor this year. However, those who purchased Intel’s 12th and 13th generation core processors this year have to spend a lot of money on future product upgrades,” he explained.

AMD also explained that the price of the new motherboard, which consumers currently consider to be the biggest obstacle, has been “appropriately set.”

AMD also explained, “B650E chipset motherboards support both PCI Express 5.0 graphics cards and NVMe SSDs, while Intel Z790 motherboards reduce bandwidth by half when PCI Express 5.0 SSDs are installed.”

■ Sales slump despite price cuts in domestic and foreign markets

AMD’s emphasis on the scalability of the Socket AM5 platform is also related to the sluggish Risen 7000 series processor for desktop PCs released in late September.

Consumers are turning a blind eye to the Reisen 7000 series because it lags behind 13th generation core processors in terms of price and performance, and because additional costs such as DDR5 memory and motherboards are expensive.

According to Danawa, a price comparison site, the share of Intel processors and AMD processors in the domestic assembly PC market is estimated to be 60% and 40% as of the end of November. However, out of the 40% share secured by AMD, the proportion of Ryzen 7000 processors is extremely small.

When looking at sales processors by socket type, LGA 1700-based processors used by 12th and 13th generation core processors account for 49% and AM4 socket-based processors such as the Ryzen 5000 series account for only 4%. This means that demand is high for products such as AM4-based Ryzen 75800X3D.

■ “The price of the main board is a problem…”Possibility of change after next year”

AMD lowered the price of its Risen 7000 processor at home and abroad ahead of Black Friday. Domestic market price cuts range from 8% (Risen 77700X) to 12% (Risen 97900X). However, it is evaluated that this price cut did not affect actual product sales.

An official from a mid-sized PC company said, “In addition to the processor, the price of DDR5 memory and AM5 motherboard are the factors that prevent the purchase of the Risen 7000 processor. “The price of DDR5 memory is on the decline, but the price of the main board is still high,” he explained.

AMD plans to unveil additional X3D products equipped with high-performance memory “3D V Cache” through CEO Lisa Su’s keynote speech at CES 2023 in January. It is expected to have higher performance than Intel’s 13th generation core processor due to its structure that reduces latency and increases performance by storing frequently used data in cache memory.

The official predicted, “Sales of platforms such as AMD AM5 mainboards will also be greatly affected in the future due to the range of processor performance improvements that AMD will release.”