Davio MOUs with Narcon, an Indonesian map-building company.

Davio MOUs with Narcon, an Indonesian map-building company.


Davio, a spatial information AI technology company, announced on the 16th that it has signed an MOU agreement with an Indonesian company, PT. Narcon, hereinafter Narcon, to build map data across Indonesia.

This agreement was held at the Singapore Exhibition (Geo Connect Asia 2023), and Davio will take this as a stepping stone to make a full-fledged global move.

Indonesia has an environment in which it is not easy to build spatial information due to the geographical characteristics of many islands and it is difficult to reflect data on changes quickly. Accordingly, Davio’s use of AI technology is expected to enable digitalization by quickly extracting information on Indonesian land buildings and roads 19 times the size of Korea.

It is also notable that the type of satellite images used to detect road and building information is Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, not optical images. SAR images, which are data that are not affected by weather or illumination, are suitable for use considering Indonesia’s geographical and environmental characteristics.

“Dabio’s extensive experience in satellite image analysis and excellent technology have enabled us to quickly verify based on parts of Indonesia,” said Ady Ruchiatan, CEO of Narcon, Indonesia. “We expect it to be of great help to map production and currentization.”

Choi Kyu-sung, deputy representative of Davio, said, “This MOU is a meaningful agreement to apply spatial information AI technology that has been advanced to map data.”

Davio’s mission is to apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to reduce repetitive and fatigue-prone tasks that humans have been carrying out, and to provide technology to efficiently proceed with tasks and make quick decisions. In addition, in partnership with Airbus DS and Maxar, global satellite imaging companies, they are discussing business cooperation with domestic and foreign companies for spatial information AI technology.

Busan Expo

Choi Tae-won, ‘Busan Expo Special Envoy’, toured all

Choi Tae-won, ‘Busan Expo Special Envoy’, toured all three European countries…KYUNG HYEOP’s “KYUNG HYEOP” card.

Busan Expo

Choi Tae-won, chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), who is competing to host the 2030 Busan World Expo (Busan Expo) as a presidential envoy, wrapped up his three-nation tour with a visit to Portugal. Choi co-chair the Busan Expo bid committee.

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced on the 5th that Chairman Choi met with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa at the Lisbon Prime Minister’s official residence on the 3rd (local time).

Chairman Choi delivered a personal letter from President Yoon Suk Yeol to Prime Minister Costa asking for increased cooperation between Korea and Portugal and support for maintaining the 2030 Busan Expo.

Chairman Choi said, “The 2030 Busan Expo will serve as a platform for discussing problems facing humanity and finding solutions,” adding, “We will continue to contribute to human development and solving joint tasks by transferring it to the next host country.”

“As Portugal is a leader in renewable energy, accounting for 54% of electricity production, cooperation between the two countries is expected in energy conversion and renewable energy,” he said. “We will be able to hold a Korea-Portugal business roundtable in the future to seek private-level cooperation.”

Prime Minister Costa also responded, “Portugal is rich in lithium, which is a battery material, and there are many talented people in science and technology, so we hope to expand cooperation with Korean companies in fields such as batteries, semiconductors, and green hydrogen.”

Earlier on the 2nd, Chairman Choi visited Copenhagen, Denmark, to pay a visit to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, to discuss supporting the Busan Expo and strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries. On the 28th of last month, he met Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “We plan to follow up the economic cooperation agenda by holding an economic cooperation committee with visiting countries and operating cooperation channels by sector in the future.”

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s 29-year-old girlfriend and Paris date in just a week

Brad Pitt’s 29-year-old girlfriend and Paris date in just a week

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt enjoyed a Paris date with Ines de Ramon.

According to the U.S. entertainment media Page Six on the 25th (local time), Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was seen having dinner in Paris, France, with Ines de Ramon, known as his girlfriend.

Brad Pitt wore a black tuxedo and Ines de Ramon wore a shiny silver dress.

Brad Pitt reportedly stayed in Paris to award director David Fincher an honorary award at the 48th Cesar Awards.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon arrived in Paris separately.

Brad Pitt’s spokesman, meanwhile, was wary of commenting on dating sightings.

Their date comes a week after they officially filed for divorce from Ines de Ramon’s husband, actor Paul Wesley, five years after his marriage.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon first became romantically involved in a concert in Los Angeles last November.

electricity bill

The increase in the “electricity bill” in the..

The increase in the “electricity bill” in the stock market is regrettable”…Korea Electric Power Corporation’s stock price plunged 11% (comprehensive)

electricity bill

The stock market responded that the government’s decision to raise electricity bills on the 2nd could not completely resolve KEPCO’s deficit problem.

It also predicted that the rate hike will have a negative impact on stock prices in the short term as it falls below market expectations.

Earlier, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and KEPCO announced on the 30th of last month that they would raise electricity rates by 13.1 won per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in the first quarter of this year.

The appropriate annual electricity rate increase submitted by the Ministry of Industry and the KEPCO to the National Assembly is 51.6 won per kWh, and the rate increase in the first quarter of this year is about a quarter of a year.

Na Min-sik, a researcher at SK Securities, said, “The increase is ¼ the level of the increase in electricity rates previously claimed by the Ministry of Industry, so it falls below expectations in the stock market.”

“The increase in electricity bills is expected to increase sales by KRW 7.3 trillion annually, but it is not a meaningful number at a time when the annual operating loss is expected to be KRW 30 trillion this year,” he said.

Jung Hye-jung, a researcher at KB Securities, also predicted, “The increase in electricity rates this year is positive for KEPCO’s performance improvement, but it will be difficult to raise it enough to resolve the deficit.”

“Like last year, there is a possibility that electricity rates will increase sequentially every quarter,” he said. “The key is how much more we can raise rates at a time when high inflation is still maintained.”

Shinhan Investment & Securities estimated that even after the second quarter, the average annual increase in electricity bills will be 40.8 won, lower than the 50 won per kWh, even if the government raises the rate by 11.4 won every quarter.

Park Kwang-rae, a researcher at the institute, said, “Assuming that the rate rises by more than 10 won per kWh every quarter, starting with a hike in electricity bills in the first quarter, KEPCO’s annual operating deficit will decrease from 33 trillion won to 9.3 trillion won this year.”

He maintained his “neutral” investment opinion, saying, “The stock price will not have much room to rise as the stock price has recently risen as expectations for a rate hike are already reflected in the stock price.”

Lee Min-jae, a researcher at NH Investment & Securities, also judged that the short-term stock price impact is negative because the electricity rate hike does not meet market expectations.

In fact, in the securities market, KEPCO closed at 19,350 won, down 11.24% from the previous trading day, falling below the 20,000 won level again in about a month.

Foreigners and institutions sold a net KRW 8.7 billion and KRW 36.6 billion, respectively, while individuals bought a net KRW 44.6 billion alone.


Vice Chairman Chung, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, said..

Vice Chairman Chung, vice chairman of Shinsegae Group, said, “The more crisis, the more basic it is.”


In Shinsegae Group’s 2023 New Year’s address, Vice Chairman Chung said, “The ability to respond to crises that can face risks and break through head-on with prepared capabilities will soon be Shinsegae’s competitiveness.”

Vice Chairman Chung emphasized the importance of “crisis consciousness,” saying, “The sense of crisis will act like a grateful radar to prevent the upcoming disaster, and there will be no gaps in detecting and responding to the crisis when the radar operates normally.”

“Even if you are thoroughly armed with a sense of crisis, the crisis will come,” he said. “The crisis can be an opportunity depending on how you deal with it,” calling for a change in perspective on crisis response.

In particular, in the era of high prices, high exchange rates, and high interest rates, Vice Chairman Chung said, “Retail businesses with large contacts with customers will face a bigger crisis,” and ordered to return to the “basic” at times like this.

“Through decades of experience, I know that the core of ‘basic’ is ‘customers’ and ‘products,’ he said, stressing that Shinsegae Group’s ability to respond to the crisis stems from customers and products.” He emphasized, “When you focus enthusiastically on customers and products, you can once again overcome the current crisis and take a bigger leap forward.”

Last year, Shinsegae Group took another step forward despite difficult conditions, and Shinsegae Universe expanded further, adding, “In 2023, we will focus on strengthening brand competitiveness of all affiliated companies and creating a profitable business structure.”

First, “Focus enthusiastically on your customers.” “Crazy focus on customers” is the third expression that Vice Chairman Chung emphasized in his New Year’s address this year since he first used it in his New Year’s address in 2020. Shinsegae Group has been investing heavily in digital transformation over the past few years to focus on customers to find out what they need more, what they like more, and what they respond to more.

Vice Chairman Chung emphasized, “Only by focusing enthusiastically on customers, we can strengthen the experience and value of existing businesses, find clues to future new businesses, and expand Shinsegae Universe wider and faster with support from customers.”

The second is to talk with customers with products and services. Vice Chairman Chung said the most basic and essential material when talking to customers is “goods and services.” He said, “Please create Shinsegae Universe’s own products and services that customers can be enthusiastic about, and have competitiveness in making customers wait to talk to new products and new services.”

Finally, he called for changing the view of crisis response. Vice Chairman Chung said, “The priority is to turn off the fire first rather than talk about who is responsible for the fire.” He then said, “We need to sincerely look back on the crisis that occurred and improve our response methods so that it will not be repeated again.”

He also suggested changing the view of crisis response, saying, “The sense of crisis,” which can sound negative, rather acts as a grateful radar to prevent the upcoming disaster, and depending on how you deal with the crisis, it becomes an opportunity.”

Finally, Vice Chairman Chung wrapped up his New Year’s address by leaving a message emphasizing the “basic” again, saying, “Risk and crisis will be assets for a leap forward when faithful to the basics and essence.”


Spread of ‘boundary for inbound travelers from China..

Spread of ‘boundary for inbound travelers from China’‥Review of ‘PCR confirmation’


Countries around the world are locking up again as China lifts restrictions on entry amid a surge in the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases.

The Korean government is considering requiring the submission of a voice confirmation or conducting a full test.

A hospital in Beijing, China.

There are so many COVID-19 patients that there is no place to sit in the waiting room.

The epidemic is spreading to local cities and rural areas, but Chinese authorities have declared the lifting of quarantine measures.

From the 8th of next month, quarantine measures for inbound travelers will disappear, and overseas exchanges are expected to begin in earnest.

The problem is that the worst epidemic that China is experiencing could affect Korea.

[Lim Sook-young / Head of the Central Disease Control Headquarters]
“Wouldn’t it be more frequent to enter and leave the country from China?”‥The increase in travelers to Korea or the increase in the number of confirmed cases is predicted.”

Currently, there are 65 flights per week between our country and China, less than 10% before COVID-19.

However, the proportion of Chinese arrivals among the confirmed cases of overseas inflow this month was 14.2%, up sharply from 1.1% last month.

In preparation for the increase in the number of people entering China, the quarantine authorities are preparing measures to strengthen quarantine against them.

As a result of MBC’s coverage, it was found that the submission of PCR voice confirmation received 48 hours before departure and the rapid antigen testing of all inbound travelers are strongly considered.

Japan and India have already mandated COVID-19 tests for Chinese arrivals, and the United States is also considering stricter regulations.

New mutations in China and the influx into the country are the most worrisome points.

After internal discussions, the government plans to announce measures related to Chinese immigrants on Friday.


Iranian chess female player participates in international..

Iranian chess female player participates in international chess competition without hijab


An Iranian female chess player is drawing attention by participating in an international competition without a hijab.

CNN quoted Iran’s Zarama news agency as saying on the 28th (local time) that chess player Sarah Kadem participated in the International Chess Championship hosted by FIDE in Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 26th without a hijab.

Also called Sarasadat Kademal Sharii, he was born in 1997 and ranks 804th among chess players and 10th in Iran.

Since the start of anti-government protests in Iran, Iranian female players who do not wear hijabs have appeared in various international matches. Elnaz Lecabi, a sports climber, participated in the October International Sports Climbing Competition without a hijab.

Lekavi later said the hijab was removed, but suspicions were raised that the words might have been forced by the Iranian government. Since then, there have been reports that Lekavi’s family’s house was forcibly demolished earlier this month, raising questions that Iranian authorities may have retaliated.

Last month, Iranian female archer Parmada Gasemi said she did not know that she dropped the hijab and later dropped the hijab at an award ceremony in Tehran. Since then, it has been alleged on social media (SNS) that Gasemi has expressed support for anti-government protests as the scene of her staying still spread. 사설토토

Iranian Vice Sports Minister Mariam Kazemipur said female athletes who acted against Islamic law at the time regretted their actions and hoped to be given a chance to make up for their mistakes.


SK Telecom succeeded in transmitting U.S. terrestrial..

SK Telecom succeeded in transmitting U.S. terrestrial broadcasting with MEC technology

SK Telecom announced on the 28th (local time) that it succeeded in transmitting terrestrial broadcasting using MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) and virtualization technology along with Sinclair, the largest terrestrial broadcasting group in North America, and Castdatera, a media tech company under SK Square.

The demonstration was conducted in the Arlington area near Washington, D.C., using ATSC 3.0 (U.S. UHD Broadcasting Standard) standard radio with SK Telecom’s “Media Edge” platform to communicate with vehicles driving through Sinclair local broadcaster WIAV-CD.

In this demonstration, the next-generation convergence broadcasting service, which combines ATSC 3.0 broadcasting and 5G communication, which quickly receives regional customized data information through the communication network when it reaches the set area along with stable high-definition TV broadcasting while driving the vehicle.

On this day, Chairman David Smith of Sinclair, CEO of SK Telecom Yoo Young-young, and officials of Castdatera attended the site to experience the service in person and share opinions on ways to cooperate with next-generation broadcasting services.

If the media edge platform is applied, each local station can efficiently manage and operate broadcasting services of hundreds of local stations across North America by using general-purpose equipment and virtualization software systems without large investments such as installing dedicated equipment. Considering this, it is expected that the cost burden of introducing next-generation broadcasting services in the future can be greatly reduced.

In addition, the media edge platform is suitable for vehicle infotainment (IVI) services as it can watch real-time high-definition TV, real-time disaster and emergency notification, and local customized advertising services based on two-way communication through 5G networks.

SK Telecom has developed a media edge platform that is used to provide media services as one of 5G MEC’s industry-specific services ‘Edge Cloud’, which has increased operational efficiency by virtualizing broadcasting transmission systems.

CastDatera has built an ATSC 3.0 broadcast transmission system based on the media edge platform. In May, it succeeded in transmitting ATSC 3.0 terrestrial broadcasting using edge cloud virtualization technology for the first time in the world with KBS.

SK Telecom is upgrading high-quality broadcasting video conversion technology using Sinclair, Castdatera, MEC technology, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) semiconductor sapion. We will continue to strengthen cooperation to upgrade next-generation convergence broadcasting services.


5G services are expanded and faster.‥Which carrier..

5G services are expanded and faster.‥Which carrier has the best quality?


This year, the quality of 5G service has improved compared to the previous year. Among the three mobile telecommunication companies, SK Telecom produced the best results in overall quality such as 5G service range (coverage) and speed.

■ Service range, speed SKT predominates
On the 29th, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Intelligence and Information Society Agency (NIA) announced the results of the 2022 Communication Service Coverage Inspection and Quality Evaluation.

In the case of 5G, considering that coverage is expanding nationwide, the areas subject to quality evaluation were expanded to all 85 administrative districts and major towns and villages nationwide.

As a result of the current status and inspection of 5G service coverage, the area of outdoor 5G coverage area in the surveyed area (as of October) was 33,212.50로 on average, up 74.4% from the same month (199044.04)) last year.

By carrier, △ SKT 34,241.58㎢ △ KT 33,185.10㎢ △ LG U+ 32,210.82, respectively. The Ministry of Science and ICT believes that 5G networks have been established in most of the outdoor areas of all 85 administrative districts and major towns and villages across the country.

In the case of inside major facilities, the average number of facilities that can use 5G out of 4505 major multi-use facilities in the area under investigation was 4,492 (99.7%) on average. This is an increase of 1.6% compared to the previous year (4420). By carrier, it was found to have 4505 △ KT, 4505 LGU+, and 4466 △ SKT.

In the case of subways among transportation infrastructure, it was counted that three companies built 5G in 1,041 stations (98%) out of 1,063 stations (including underground and ground stations, and light rail).

In addition, as a result of boarding a subway car and checking from the starting point to the end point, the ratio of 5G access on 34 routes nationwide was 93.74%, up 4.35 percentage points from the previous year (89.39 percent).

However, the Shinbundang Line (58.82%) and the West Sea Line (6.63%), which have not completed the construction of the 5G network, were still low.

In addition, the quality of 5G services has improved compared to the previous year. The 5G download transmission speed is 896.10 Mbps on average, up 11.8% (94.62 Mbps) from the previous year (801.48 Mbps).

By carrier, △ SKT 1002.27 Mbps △ KT 921.49 Mbps △ LGU+ 764.55 Mbps.

The “OG to LTE conversion rate,” an indicator of the stability of 5G networks, was 1.34% on average (download-based) of the three companies, up 0.54%p from the previous year (1.88%). By carrier, △ SKT 0.98%, △ LGU+ 1.32%, △ KT 1.72%.

■ LTE, how fast is Wi-Fi downloaded?
Meanwhile, the average download speed of LTE was 151.92 Mbps, which is faster than the previous year (10.30 Mbps). It is analyzed that the upload speed is 39.39 Mbps, which is similar to last year (39.76 Mbps).

In the case of Wi-Fi, the commercial Wi-Fi download speed was 338.56 Mbps (400.85 Mbps last year), and the open Wi-Fi speed was 353.30 Mbps (420.20 Mbps last year), which was worse than the previous year.

The Ministry of Science and ICT said, “Although OG coverage and quality have improved, it is important to actively expand investment in 5G networks in order to further improve the quality of 5G users,” adding, “LTE, which is still used by many users, also needs investment for continuous quality management.”
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Kakao provides cash, including up to 50,000 won

Kakao provides cash, including up to 50,000 won, to small business owners affected by the “death crisis.”

Emoticons are provided to all Kakao Talk users in batches…High-value victims receive additional cases

Kakao will provide cash compensation to small business owners who reported damage in connection with the “Incorruption incident” caused by the fire at SK C&C Data Center in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do, in October.

Kakao said it will provide 30,000 won for small business owners with sales losses of less than 300,000 won and 50,000 won for more than 300,000 won and 500,000 won for less than 500,000 won through the “1015 Damage Support Council” involving consumers and small business groups and academia. The damage calculation reflected the operating profit rate of small business owners, the presence or absence of alternative services, and the Kakao share of services. The section for calculating the amount of support was set in consideration of the median amount of damage received by small business owners.

For cases of damage worth more than 500,000 won, additional support will be considered through the review of the consultative body and the process of proving the damage. It also operates a separate customer center for damage support. The case review will be based on submitted documents such as small business owners’ confirmation, sales damage proof, and service use business proof.

Apart from cash support, Kakao will establish a “Kakao Talk Channel Cash Program for Small Businesses” to pay 50,000 won worth of free cash to all small business owners to send Kakao Talk channel messages. This is in accordance with the proposal of the Small Business Association participating in the consultative body. Kakao plans to provide digital tools for small business owners to generate new sales through Kakao Talk and manage customers more efficiently through the program. In addition, additional damage to small business owners will be received for two weeks at the suggestion of the Small Business Association. Additional application schedules and methods will be announced later on the website of the Small Business Association.

A total of three emoticons (1 permanent type and 2 90 days) will be provided to all 48 million KakaoTalk users. Emoticons will be paid from the 5th of next month. Kakao explained that it contained promises and apologies to provide stable services in the future.

This damage support is the first case in which the platform compensates free users for service failures through autonomous consultations through private consultations. Earlier, major Kakao affiliates such as kao Games, kao Mobility, kao Entertainment, and kao Pay came up with support measures for paid users and small business owners affected by the disability. 안전놀이터

Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, said, “This damage support is the beginning of the process of answering questions asked by society in the wake of the October 15 disability,” adding, “We will derive and implement necessary tasks from a mid- to long-term perspective in the new year.”