Choi Yoojung, her apple hair is exploding with cuteness.

Choi Yoojung, her apple hair is exploding with cuteness.Refreshing, lively, and juicy.

Choi Yoojung

Choi Yoo-jung released a proof shot of her appearance in “Amazing Saturday.”

Choi Yoo-jung of the group Weki Meki posted several photos on her Instagram on the morning of the 9th, along with an article titled “Amazing Saturday.”

The photo released this time shows Choi Yoo-jung taking a proof shot at the studio of tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday.”

Above all, Choi Yoo-jung caught the attention of viewers as she wore a lemon-colored checkered dress and showed off her fruity beauty with apple hair.토토사이트

Meanwhile, Choi Yoo-jung joined the iHQ self-produced entertainment program “Spicy Girls” with Kim Shin-young, Yui, and Sunny. “Spicy Girls” is an entertainment program in which spicy-loving stars find hidden spicy food in Paldo across the country, taste it, and even present their own recipes.

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