Christine Stuart, I thought Diana was reincarnated.”Spencer”

Christine Stuart, I thought Diana was reincarnated.”Spencer”

The poster of the late Princess Diana Spencer’s movie “Spencer,” starring Hollywood star Christine Stewart, has been unveiled.

The film production company “Neon” released an intense poster on its official SNS on the 25th (local time) that implies the movie’s theme.

Diana, played by Christine Stewart in the poster, is crying, turning her back in a wedding dress. Along with the image, the production company added, “All fairy tales are over.”

The movie was set in December 1991, when Princess Diana and Prince Charles spent Christmas with the royal family on the Sandringham estate. The movie will show the decisive moment when the two divorced.

Actress Christine Stewart, 31, told the foreign media about the title of the film, “The name Spencer is an important turning point that centers on who she was at a critical turning point in her life.” For your information, “Spencer” is Diana’s maiden name before marriage.토토사이트

Meanwhile, in the photos released earlier, Christine Stewart had a mad sync with the late Princess Diana Spencer.

Princess Diana, played by Christine Stewart, wears a sapphire diamond engagement ring in a photo released by the production company. It is also a famous ring that Diana’s eldest son, Prince William, later proposed to his fiancee Kate Middleton. Princess Kate Middleton still often wears the ring in public.

The film “Spencer” is a candidate for the 2021 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award, which will be held in September.

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