“Chung Ha and the Guardian of the Star”…

“Chung Ha and the Guardian of the Star”…Riot Games Releases LoL Special Song

Chung Ha

Singer Chung Ha will join hands with League of Legends (LoL) to present a remix version that reinterprets the theme song of the star guardian.

Riot Games’ special song “Everything Goes On Remix feat” on the 17th. Chung Ha’s “ChungHa” was revealed on the 18th.

This song is characterized by K-Pop interpretation while maintaining the original sensibility and melody. In particular, unlike the original song consisting only of English lyrics, the point of appreciation is that it contains Korean lyrics written by Chung Ha herself. The song surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube in 19 hours of its release.

Riot Games said, “We planned a remix version that melted Korean elements to entertain Korean users,” adding, “We tried to include ChungHa and K-pop features in the song.”

Meanwhile, “Everything Goes On” is a song about LoL champion Kaisa and Jaya overcoming the loss and moving forward with a new colleague. Music producer Porter Robinson and Brandon Williams, a senior composer of Riot Games LoL, collaborated.

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