Collaborate with AOMG, a hip-hop label that includes Gen.G

Collaborate with AOMG, a hip-hop label that includes Gen.G and Jay Park. E-Sports-themed ‘ALL IN’ Music-MV Announcement

Jay Park

Global e-sports company Gen.G will present the “ALL IN” song and music video co-produced with hip-hop label AOMG at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the 3rd. “ALL IN” will be released through various online music sites and the music video will be released on Jay Park’s official YouTube channel. Both companies shared music and video production projects based on the cultural code shared by e-sports and hip-hop and the spirit of challenge for the championship.

The hip-hop genre’s “ALL IN” music was produced by AOMG artist “Jay Park,” High Music Records artist “pH-1” and producer “GroovyRoom” under the theme of eSports. In particular, the lyrics reflect a message of support for the Gen.G League of Legends team (hereinafter Gen.G Roll Team), which will advance to the playoffs by maintaining the top of the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split regular rankings. The album artwork was directed by Heron Preston, a strategy adviser for Gen.G brand.

Gen.G and AOMG started a collaboration project based on the consensus that the game and hip-hop industries continued to strive for their respective popularization. All the artists who participated in the production of the music usually enjoy the game, and similarly, the fact that hip-hop genres are popular not only in Zen players but also in e-sports communities worked positively. Zenzi’s roll team and coaching staff met with producer Jay Park to talk about e-sports team activities and individual thoughts, and to allow Zenzi’s sincerity and e-sports fieldality to be incorporated into the music source.

Arnold Hur, head of the Korean branch, said, “It is an honor to collaborate with Jay Park, the icon of the domestic hip-hop scene, with rising stars such as pH-1, GroovyRoom. In particular, thanks to the time when Jay Park and Gen.G team sympathized with each other’s passion and understood e-sports and hip-hop more deeply, we were able to produce results that everyone could be satisfied with.

AOMG Jay Park said, “As I always try to break new ground, it was a good time to cooperate with Gen.G through this opportunity.” “I was impressed by the young players who put all their efforts through practice and games.” “We’ve always tried our best to carry on with a life without regret regardless of winning or losing,” he said.

Previously, Zenzi produced an episode featuring GroovyRoom, Gen.G Roll Team Roller, and Vididi through its own YouTube channel content “On Air” series. In addition, he has conducted streaming broadcasts for EXO’s Baekhyun and Gen.G PUBG teams, and has been working on collaboration projects with various artists such as rapper Giriboy, popular producer “BRLNT” and rock band “Cityboy from Seoul.”

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