“Comeback”. ITZY, you’ve never seen this kind of atmosphere before

“Comeback”. ITZY, you’ve never seen this kind of atmosphere before, right? an intense transformation


ITZY unveiled its new album concept photo for the first time.

JYP Entertainment, the agency, posted six ITZY concept photos on its official SNS channel at midnight on June 13.

ITZY will release its fifth mini album “CHECKMATE” at 1 p.m. on July 15 and make a surprise comeback.

In the teaser released, ITZY perfectly pulled off styling that emphasized black and white colors and showed off its charm. In individual photos, five people showed their strong presence with their five-color beauty. Yeji reminded her of a beauty pictorial with an elegant gesture, and Lia showed a different charisma with a photogenic pose. Ryujin showed off her unique chicness along with chess horses, and Chaeryeong excited fans with her excellent visuals. Yuna boasted unrealistic proportions and a unique atmosphere of Yuna, the youngest member of ITZY.

Fans at home and abroad, who saw the members’ visual transformation, expressed their expectations for their comeback, saying, “I’m looking forward to this concept because it’s a new style,” and “It’s like a film from a magazine pictorial and it’s really pretty.”

ITZY has prepared a massive comeback promotion for fans who have waited for the new album in about 10 months since its first full-length album “Crazy in Love” released in September last year. It will introduce rich teasing contents one after another, and on July 15, the long-awaited comeback day, it will communicate with MIDZY (fandom name: MIDZY) at home and abroad through Twitter Blue Room and Mnet comeback special.

Earlier, based on their overwhelming performance skills, they were loved by global fans and established themselves as the “4th generation of K-pop queens.” The 4th mini album “GUESS WHO” (Guess Who), released in April last year, entered the U.S. Billboard main chart “Billboard 200” for the first time, and in September, it rose 137 steps from the previous album “CRAZY IN LOVE” and ranked 11th.

Starting in August this year, it will hold its first world tour and use ITZY’s own energy to drive the global upward trend. Starting with Seoul performances on August 6 and 7, the tour will be held in eight cities in the U.S. including Los Angeles on October 26 (local time), Phoenix on November 29, Dallas on November 1, Houston on November 3, Atlanta on August 7, Chicago on August 7, and Boston on July 13. It will also announce additional concert venues in the future. 토토사이트

Meanwhile, ITZY’s new album “CHECKMATE” will be officially released at 1 p.m. on July 15 and at 0 p.m. Eastern time in the U.S. and is currently on pre-sale.

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