Complications of fecal incontinence after a periodontal surgery?

Complications of fecal incontinence after a periodontal surgery?


Different surgical methods depending on the progression of hemorrhoids, which refers to anal diseases, include hemorrhoids. When the anal cushion tissue protrudes out of the anus, the anus is torn, pus forms around the anus, and abscess around the anus, the anus swells red, but the pain makes it difficult to sit in a chair, so you can’t do this or that. The pus hasn’t popped out yet. In the case of an anal abscess, the pain is severe.

Inflammation spreads to the body, leading to high fever and body aches. As the abscess bursts and pus is discharged repeatedly and becomes chronic, a tunnel inside the Hwangmun line and outside the anal skin develops into a load of discharge and pus through the outer hole. If it’s an anal abscess Eagles game, the treatment is chronic. Treatment is the most difficult and most likely to recur among the interviews. The reason why treatment is difficult is because the ascending path where abscesses burst thickens the sphincter. The sphincter is an anus tightening muscle that tightens the anus and controls the excretion of the feces.

Damage to the sphincter can lead to incontinence, so be careful. The treatment of abscess and hemorrhoids around the anus requires fundamental surgery to be properly treated. Treatment of the hemorrhoids depends on the form, but basically, the key is to remove the sound of one step from inflammation and inflammation at the beginning. Longer treatment can lead to abdominal therapy or, in rare cases, to anal cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that you get surgery as soon as possible. The surgery method differs depending on the type of hemorrhoids. The surgical method for hemorrhoids varies and varies depending on simple hemorrhoids complex hemorrhoids 0275.

Surgical incision of the fistula A simple surgical procedure is to cut the liver. It’s an incision in the treatment tube that heals the wound, which has minimal sphincter damage but less recurrence. In the case of complicated hemorrhoids, treatment techniques are recommended only for patients with simple hemorrhoids because there is a risk of fecal incontinence. If you have a deep penetration of the sphincter during a periodontal surgery, you’re going to perform a 10-ton operation, which uses a rubber band called Stone to minimize sphincter loss.

You can expect a cure rate similar to that of a hemorrhoid incision while reducing the risk of fecal incontinence. There’s also a surgical method called a lift that laces the fistula between the fistula and the sphincter of the sphincter. It is a surgical method that reduces recurrence rate by preserving sphincter function and reducing improvement size for mature treatment. Due to the difficulty of peristaltic surgery, complicated treatment and multiple surgeries are often mixed according to the situation. If surgery develops into a complicated fistula with more than one pus tube, anus surgery is not only complicated,

As the risk of recurrence increases, we recommend that you consult a specialist who can accurately treat it. Bored surgery can result in complications of fecal incontinence due to sphincter damage during cyrogane removal Therefore, please remember that getting surgery by a specialist who knows the anatomical structure of the anus well and has abundant clinical experience can lead to recurrence and reduce sphincter damage before surgery.

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