CRAVITY, ‘VITY PARK’ Season 6 ‘Children’s..

CRAVITY, ‘VITY PARK’ Season 6 ‘Children’s Home Special’ Part 2 will be released.


The group CRAVITY continued its second daily teacher experience with friendly customized lectures.

On the 2nd, CRAVITY released two special episodes of “CRAVITY PARK Season 6” (hereinafter referred to as “VITY PARK”) daycare centers on its official SNS channel.

CRAVITY, who portrayed a surprise transformation into a daily teacher through the first special episode of the daycare center and getting close to the children in their own ways, showed a lecture at the children’s level through the second episode.

First of all, Serim, Woobin, and Sungmin, who became homeroom teachers in Sky Class 1, had time to teach CRAVITY’s “Cloud Nine.” The members showed a caring appearance that taught the movements slowly according to the children’s speed but did not spare praise.

Sky Class 2 teachers Alan, Jungmo, and Wonjin started children’s song classes. Although it may be somewhat unfamiliar to the members because it was a children’s song class, he easily sang to the children by putting in his own dance moves and chuimsae. This is said to be the result of the members’ efforts to practice singing and dancing separately before filming for children’s classes, creating warmth.

Sunlight teachers Min-hee, Hyeong-jun, and Tae-young read fairy tales to the children. The five-year-old sunshine class children, who were still unable to concentrate, showed little interest in the fairy tale content, and Tae-young, who was reading the fairy tale as a representative, failed to concentrate on the children’s rapidly changing conversation topics, drawing laughter. After many twists and turns, the members, who had a question time after reading the fairy tale, gave children a cramming education on the storyline, causing laughter.

The members did not miss each child’s appearance and constantly communicated by shouting “cute” and knocking on the door of the children’s hearts with customized games, and the children also approached CRAVITY first, raising expectations for the “nursing home special” to be continued in the next three episodes. 토토사이트

Various episodes of “CRAVITY PARK SEASON 6,” which are adding fun as the episodes go on, will be released every Monday at 9 p.m. on CRAVITY’s official SNS channel.

Meanwhile, CRAVITY will hold 2023 CRAVITY FAN-CON “Dear My LUVITY” at Blue Square Master Card Hall in Hannam-dong, Seoul, from February 18th to 19th.

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