“Daema controversy” Han Jin-dong seriously injured..

“Daema controversy” Han Jin-dong seriously injured his face due to drone explosion during filming.

Han Jin-dong

Chinese star Shin Ji-dong, who caused a stir over marijuana smoking, injured his face while filming.

According to a number of Taiwanese local media reports on the 9th, Gajin-dong suffered a serious facial injury in an accident in which a drone exploded and hit a fragment in the face while filming Taiwan’s Netflix original series “The Exorcist” on the 27th of last month.

The production team told local media, “I got a face injury from a drone fragment on the cheekbone of the face of the vibration,” adding, “The vibration was urgently transferred to a hospital and is devoted to treatment.” Some media reported that Gajin-dong had 20 to 30 stitches in the accident.

The shooting of “The Exorcist” was completely suspended due to the accident, and the production team is investigating the specific cause of the accident.

Meanwhile, the production team said, “We hope that the vibration will have enough time to recover,” and that it has resumed filming the scene without the appearance of Ajin-dong.

“The Exorcist,” starring Ha Jin-dong, is a Netflix original series based on a popular Taiwanese novel. Combining Taiwan’s shamanistic faith and fantasy, it is set in the worldview of the “Oriental Four Worlds” of gods, horses, humans, and ears. It is a story that takes place when the main character Han Geol (Gajin-dong) solves the incidents of ghosts in the human world while mortgageing his life to Sam Tae-ja (Wang Baek-geol) for crimes he committed as a child.

In Taiwan, it is known as the largest production cost in the history of the drama, and it is also a work that attracted many people’s attention.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese actor Shin Ji-dong became a youth star with the movie “The Girl We Loved Back then,” but was kicked out of the Chinese entertainment industry in 2014 after being caught smoking cannabis at a Beijing villa owned by actor Chan’s son, Bang Gi-yong. After self-immolation, he returned to acting through the Taiwanese film “Revisibility.”

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