Damwon Kia fan is angry…’Truck Protests’ Announcementv

Damwon Kia fan is angry…’Truck Protests’ Announcement

Damwon Kia
Damwon Kia fans are angry. It issued a rare statement through the community and even heralded a truck protest.

On the 16th, the Damwon Kia fan community issued a statement urging the game team to express its position on its website.

The fan community demanded an accurate answer from DamwonKia by 6 p.m. on the 19th, and said it will seek every possible way to reach the fans’ voices more directly if there is no response or is not appropriate. Just as T1 fans staged truck protests in the middle of the summer season, DamwonKia fans predicted the same behavior.

DamwonKia finished the regular season in third place with 11 wins and 7 losses (+12) in the 2022 LCK Springers, and lost 2-3 to Gen.G e-Sports in the second round of the playoffs. In the summer season, he finished fourth with 10 wins and 8 losses (+7). Damwon Kia is set for the first round of the playoffs against KT Rolster.

It cannot be a problem in terms of performance alone, but the deterioration of performance in the second round has caught the ankle. Damwon Kia has never won against teams that advanced to the playoffs such as Gen.G e-Sports, T1, DHX, and kt in the second round of LCK Summer. DamwonKia held a meeting with fans after the final match of the regular season against T1 on the 13th, but complaints did not die down. Eventually, Damwon Kia fans issued a statement calling for change.

In the statement, fans of DamwonKia demanded the resignation and replacement of Yang Dae-in, improvement of poor communication and exchanges with fans, solutions to the growing quality and volume of game team content, and explanation of the future direction and vision of the game team. If there is no answer by 6 p.m. on the 19th, all measures will be taken. Fans said, “I hope the team will actively accept all the requirements mentioned and come up with a quick answer to wrap up Damwon Kia’s satisfactory year, advance to the Worlds, and restore relationships with fans.” 토토사이트

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