Davio MOUs with Narcon, an Indonesian map-building company.

Davio MOUs with Narcon, an Indonesian map-building company.


Davio, a spatial information AI technology company, announced on the 16th that it has signed an MOU agreement with an Indonesian company, PT. Narcon, hereinafter Narcon, to build map data across Indonesia.

This agreement was held at the Singapore Exhibition (Geo Connect Asia 2023), and Davio will take this as a stepping stone to make a full-fledged global move.

Indonesia has an environment in which it is not easy to build spatial information due to the geographical characteristics of many islands and it is difficult to reflect data on changes quickly. Accordingly, Davio’s use of AI technology is expected to enable digitalization by quickly extracting information on Indonesian land buildings and roads 19 times the size of Korea.

It is also notable that the type of satellite images used to detect road and building information is Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, not optical images. SAR images, which are data that are not affected by weather or illumination, are suitable for use considering Indonesia’s geographical and environmental characteristics.

“Dabio’s extensive experience in satellite image analysis and excellent technology have enabled us to quickly verify based on parts of Indonesia,” said Ady Ruchiatan, CEO of Narcon, Indonesia. “We expect it to be of great help to map production and currentization.”

Choi Kyu-sung, deputy representative of Davio, said, “This MOU is a meaningful agreement to apply spatial information AI technology that has been advanced to map data.”

Davio’s mission is to apply artificial intelligence (AI) technology to reduce repetitive and fatigue-prone tasks that humans have been carrying out, and to provide technology to efficiently proceed with tasks and make quick decisions. In addition, in partnership with Airbus DS and Maxar, global satellite imaging companies, they are discussing business cooperation with domestic and foreign companies for spatial information AI technology.

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