“Diablo Immortal” was a box office hit in the early stages

“Diablo Immortal” was a box office hit in the early stages


Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the release schedule of its new films “Diablo 4” and “Overwatch 2.” While the recently released mobile game “Diablo Immortal” has succeeded in its early success, attention is being paid to whether it will be able to continue its box office fever in the PC and console markets.

According to the mobile big data platform “Mobile Index” on the 13th, Diablo Immortal ranked fifth in domestic Google Play sales as of this day, trailing NCsoft’s “Lineage Series” and Kakao Games’ “Odeen: Balhala Rising.”

Diablo Immortal, which was released on the 3rd, is the first mobile game based on Diablo, one of Blizzard’s representative IPs (intellectual property rights). Some criticize the billing model and worry about long-term box office success, but it is said that it succeeded in early box office success. In particular, it is analyzed that the fact that it only supported manual combat and made good use of the “hand taste” led to a positive response.

Blizzard, which successfully knocked on the door of the mobile game market, is focusing on its flagship PC and console markets again. With the initial box office success of Diablo Immortal, the company will introduce its next series of Overwatch and Diablo.

First of all, Blizzard is planning to release Overwatch 2 as a free early access (try ahead) on October 4. The launch platforms are consoles such as PC, Xbox Series XIS, Xbox One, PlayStation 45, and Nintendo Switch. Cross-play and progress can be shared between platforms, and users will be able to experience a new 5-to-5 multiplayer PvP (user-to-user confrontation). Blizzard plans to additionally unveil the game’s live service model and season-by-season content plan through the Overwatch 2 public event live stream on the 17th.

In addition, Diablo 4, the latest Diablo series, will be released on PC and console platforms next year. Blizzard announced that it will showcase the trailer of Diablo’s fourth-generation character “Code Wizard” at the “Xbox & Bedesda Game Showcase” held online by Microsoft earlier in the day and introduce next year’s games on PC and console platforms. The previous work, Diablo 3, is set in a world decades later and inherits its unique dark atmosphere and nuclear and slash elements. 안전놀이터

“I hope we can open the door to hell by next year,” said Mike Ibarra, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “The development team has developed the Diablo 4 in every way, and has built the sanctuary in an unprecedented and ambitious way.” He added, “This wide and vast world is deeply rooted in the 25-year history of the Diablo series and will provide adventures that users have never experienced before.”

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